Hunt’s attack on Jeremy Corbyn proves he is a *unt

Sent to: Foreign Office
CC’d to: Cabinet Office, Beth Ashby (John McDonnell’s secretary)
Subject: Corbyn

Good morning.

Hunt has asked ““From Salisbury to the Middle East, why can [Corbyn] never bring himself to back British allies, British intelligence or British interests?”” (… )

Probably because Salisbury was one of the worst acting jobs ever carried out in order to drum up an anti-Russian distraction from the rise in violent crime, thanks to policing cutbacks, and the increase in food bank use that Tory policies have made manifest thanks to Universal Credit, and it has been used by Hunt as a repeat distraction attempt ever since. Every time something has come up that threatens to show up this government for the incompetent sham that it has proven repeatedly to be, Hunt has screamed “Novichek! Novichek!” It’s been like listening to a re-run of Cameron wheeling his late son out from under the stairs at every necessary moment to deflect attention from a Tory policy screw-up while he was in the seat that Hunt is now chasing.

As for British Intelligence – that would be the same organisation that told us that Saddam had WMD’s, would it? Or MI5, who failed miserably to prevent 7/7, Westminster Bridge and Manchester in spite of reams of evidence staring them in the face? No reason to defend or stand up for either of those organisations that I can see because they have proved beyond a shred of doubt that their operatives are an absolute waste of oxygen.

Does it not occur to Hunt’s nasty little war-lusting mind that the Iranians may have spotted the mine and been attempting to remove it before it could cause further damage to another tanker and, thereby, to the common maritime environment in the region? There are so many disruptive factions all vying for attention in that part of the world, thanks largely to the legacy left by historical British imperialist interference, that no single Middle-Eastern government (or the hot-heads living within their countries’ borders) can possibly be blamed for every inimical action that occurs. Take off the blinkers, Hunt, FFS, and recognise that Trump and that war-mongering twunt, Bolton, aren’t going to be happy until they’ve set in motion yet another pointless war that will last for decades and bring further revenge terrorism to British cities.

And “British interests” means “the interests of those who stand to gain financially from military adventures in foreign lands,” nothing else. Such as the board of General Electric who have just been given the go-ahead to rebuild their sector of Iraq that the US and UK knocked apart on the basis of falsehoods supplied by… wait for it… the US! The wider public never gains anything from those wars. Certainly no enhanced domestic financial security, because “trickle-down” actually means “trickle sideways into personal, offshore, tax avoiding accounts,” and as Corbyn is a man who stands up unashamedly for the many, the reason he doesn’t support wars is thus made obvious.

Start recognising that the public has seen that the only time America acknowledges the so-called “special relationship” is when they want cannon fodder for the illegal asset grabs intended to defend them from the national bankruptcy that would happen if the petro-dollar crashed. When they don’t want the troops they’re more interested in duping political morons into undermining our own national infrastructure and safety standards.

Ever since the days of the Crusades, war in the Middle East has only ever been about money, and how much of it the ruling classes can stuff into your private pockets. The Crusades were never about crushing the Islamic Saracens – they were about SALT, which had been worth more than its weight in gold since Roman times, for its preservative properties in pre-refrigeration days. These days it’s not about toppling oppressive regimes and “bringing democracy” – it’s about bloody oil reserves and how much money they represent to a few obscenely wealthy individuals who control successive US administrations.

It appears that both the UK and US government need to be reminded that Democracy means that the people living in any particular nation get to choose who they want to govern and by which laws and mores they want to live. All but the very least intelligent Western leaders must have realised by now, surely, that invasion and imposed laws and restrictions only foster resentment and attempts at revenge. By involving our country in a war that has nothing to do with us, you are not “defending” us – you are leaving us wide open to actions by anonymous (and largely undetected by our laughable security services) attackers who care nothing for the number of nuclear weapons you have stockpiled.

Going to war alongside such a fickle ally as the USA is not brave, respectable or strong – it’s callously stupid and weak. Declaring neutrality and getting out of the aggressive alliance that NATO has become would be far more acceptable and would garner the politicians who did it more respect among the UK public than they have seen in decades.

I would venture to suggest to Hunt that fawning over the Orange Idiot in the US is about as far from supporting Britain’s best interests as it’s possible to be. That creature is to statesmanship as the late and unlamented James Savile was to child-minding. What is worrying in the extreme is that the Tory leadership practically worshipped Savile.

Hope that all helps. If Hunt can’t see sense, then I can also see no reason why he should be upset at people’s honesty in mispronouncing his surname because it is an action that he, himself, justifies by acting like a complete and utter plonker.


Darren Lynch