‘I am a 62 year old grandmother I have lived through the Thatcher years…’

I don’t know how other comrades feel, but for the last two years since I joined the Labour Party and have supported Jeremy Corbyn I have noticed the same old rhetoric from every single MSM’ the Tories, and now even MPs of the Labour Party/Independent Group saying He is not fit to be PM blah blah blah.

Well let me tell all the above. I am a 62 year old grandmother I have lived through the Thatcher years and many Tory Governments, but none so vicious, spiteful, inhuman, cold-blooded as this Conservative Party.

What you have done to the 1950’s women’s pension is despicable. Not to mention Universal credit, Homelessness, NHS etc. My local hospital closed their doors from 10pm to 8 am 20 months ago and unfortunately, I don’t think it will ever be a 24 hour hospital again. Local people are always out supporting it. John Penrose thinks more of his new job then supporting the town he was elected for.

The town I was brought up in is being destroyed by this Conservative council. Shops are closing, rents on businesses are rising. Businesses cannot afford to survive. Our police station has gone and moved to the outskirts, with police reductions. We have many homeless people in the town.

What saddens me most is it’s 2019 and we are seeing more and more people struggling to make ends meet. Children and working parents using food banks. What a spiteful cruel world we are living in today.

Lastly, please don’t be fooled by this ruthless, ferocious, and callous Main Stream Media. They will do anything in their power to stop a Jeremy Corbyn Government even if it means propping up this despicable Tory Government.

Jeremy Corbyn cannot be bought. They hate it that we support him. We are his voice. I will support him wholeheartedly. I am not racist nor am I a bully. I am just a passionate person who wants nothing more than a Jeremy Corbyn Government.

Thank you for taking the time to read my post.

Jeremy Corbyn supporter.

Pam Clark