I am not going to put a brave face on it anymore. Britain is currently being ruled by thugs and it is time for a change.

I have to be honest, I put a brave face on things sometimes. I have to admit that sometimes I can’t cope with being a parent. It’s true. Life gets on top of me and I feel like I have failed sometimes, and I’m tired of the feeling that I’ve got to just get on with it and try and balance work with family life. It never seems to balance, and, naturally, something has to give.
It’s tough out there, I know. I’m lucky in that I don’t have a debilitating illness or a painful disease. I’m healthy and am of sound mind and body, and yet the stress of modern life gets too much at times.  

As a socialist, I want the best for everyone, and that includes you, me, my family and my pets. I don’t care much about money. All I care about is that everyone gets fair treatment, and it pains me to see FTSE-100 Company Directors and Non-Exec Directors and politicians getting away with £millions in salaries and bonuses whilst people are struggling to get by on what they earn whilst others are suffering and living on the streets. 

I despise greed with every ounce of my body. I don’t want to live in a world where a few get the most whilst most get less and less. That’s why it hurts me to see this country allowing greedy, un-caring, right (aka “wrong”)-wing politicians making decisions that affect the down-trodden in such a way that it demoralises them and treats them like dirt. I hate the fact people like Sir Richard Branson who lives on a Bond villain type-island gets away with taking over parts of the NHS for his own gain and nobody else’s. 

The Tories consistently tell lies as far as I can see. You can never get a straight answer from them because they skirt around issues that are important, yet people get sucked in by it. I tell you how I feel about the Tories. They’re like my cat. Unassuming, quiet, yet can annoy the shit out of me, like when she’s under my feet when she wants something to eat, or when she pisses on things that she shouldn’t and leaves a foul smell! 

There’s a lot of things that are wrong with “Great” Britain right now, and I use the term “Great” loosely. The dismantlement of the NHS; the constant austerity measures and cutbacks to essential services; the corruption and the tax evasion of politicians with their offshore bank accounts and corporations that don’t pay the taxes that they are due; refugees that have to flee from their own country because of the disgraceful decisions by war-mongering politicians to attack them with bombs, yet the Government has the audacity to not do anything to help innocent civilians that are in dire straits because of the consequences of its actions; people struggling on zero-hour contracts or employees who can’t get a promotion because the better paid jobs just aren’t out there because employers want to pay as little as they can; and, don’t get me going about housing, or the lack of.  
I worry about what future my children have in front of them. How are they going to afford to put a deposit down for an house when the price of an house is more than 3 times the salary that it used to be? How, also, are they expected to go to University, and pay for the fees and the accommodation and at the end of it, be straddled with debt and probably a zero-hour contract part-time J.O.B – something to keep them Just Over Broke? 

Is this the type of world we want to live in? It’s certainly not the one I envisaged when I grew up and is certainly not the one I want to see going forward.  
So, it boils down to this… If there is going to be another Conservative Government from Friday morning onwards then I will definitely look to moving abroad. I am sick and tired of paying my taxes for a shower of shisters to think that they can tear apart the very fabric of a country and a community that once looked after its people. I have no trust or faith in a Tory Government and Tory politicians who profess to be Christians yet do the opposite of what being Christian is all about. 

I am not going to put a brave face on it anymore. Britain is currently being ruled by thugs and it is time for a change. If I wake up on Friday morning with Theresa May as Prime Minister then I’m outta here for good, and I really mean that. 

I will still continue to fight for justice for my family and all that have been shat on from a great height by a corrupt political elite that, but I refuse to give my hard-earned income to a Government that doesn’t give a toss about its citizens. I’ve had enough of it.

Gareth Williams