Seriously, are there people who believe these lies? Yet more partying revelations the state broadcasters and msm have known all about for the past year (yet nowt until now) and the complicit, hypocritical Met police in Johnson’s back pocket (after he extended Commissioner Cressida Dick’s contract for two years) turning a blind eye to the ruling class time, and time again – whilst fining the shit out of everyone else, including a carer who pulled her car over to have a sandwich?! – and this!? Enough now! The BBC news team needs shutting down and reforming, but because it’s too left wing?

These abhorrently distorted lies and the appallingly peddled obfuscation manipulated day in, day out, by the bent billionaire owned press, needs calling out. And at a critical junction here, as Parliament sits tomorrow to ban the right to protest! Where the fucking hell is the resistance coming from to oppose the UK, police state dictatorship, hell bent on eradicating basic rights and freedoms one should expect to uphold in a liberal, pluralist democracy?

The BBC left wing? We’re living in dangerous times. This is the same BBC news under Kuenssberg and co who, as a fundamental component of the state apparatus – disseminating systematically engineered propaganda on an hourly basis for six years to weaponise anti-semitism as part of the State’s witch hunt against the left – have been subserviently bending over backwards for nationalist Tories, and as the state broadcaster, part and parcel to manifesting the most toxic, xenophobic, hostile climate in my lifetime! They’ve not stopped kissing Johnson’s arse for the best part of a decade now and walked him into Nr 10 in December 2019.

This is the same BBC where since February 2021, Chairman Simon Sharp a former banker – JP Morgan (8 years) and Goldman Sachs (23 years) – who directly advised Boris Johnson as London Mayor and the government’s Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, is somehow left wing? Let’s see what the Today programme has on the Police Bill to eradicate the right to demonstrate next week. More ‘dirt’ on parties, sleaze, and parasitic freeloading royals, mebbies?…/robbie-gibb-bbc-board…

AC Reed

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