Donnachadh v Sun Columnist & Daily Mail assistant editor !!

I knew they wanted to frame me as a heartless fanatic for equating holiday flights with devastatingly lethal climate destruction.

I knew that I would have 3 to 4 people laying into me simultaneously.

BUT I decided it was worth it, as it is the truth!

They even had laid on an ambush of a picture of kids gutted at a cancelled flight to emphasise what a monster I was…

So I decided to adopt a dragon style no-holds barred approach and call a spade a spade and call out holiday flights as criminal which consume anything from a year’s household electricity emissions for a single holiday flight to an eye watering 28 years for family holiday flight to New Zealand.

Nina Myskow took a visceral dislike to me and refused to chat with me during break or even say goodbye to me.

The Daily Mail columnist Andrew Pierce, refused to deal with any facts but simply immediately launched into typical Mail personal ad hominem attacks – with his first words calling me a fanatic and extremist.

He then veered off into “accusing” me of supporting veganism and his face twisted into deep angry viciousness as he did so.

Short excerpt Channel 5 Tweeted:

Full version:…/jere…/season-2022/episode-138

Starts at 23 minutes in.

The Mail & Sun owned by American and French based oligarchs are an existential threat to Britain’s future.

Then when they brought on a mother to discuss having a family holiday flight cancelled, they sought to stop us having a constructive debate on climate destruction.

Interestingly none of the callers laid into me and the last caller even clearly stated that airport chaos was a first world problem but we needed to understand the impacts on the third world.

Even then, the presenter tried to twist what he said into an attack on me!!

I expected to be utterly destroyed on social media after, but I was nicely surprised at the number of people who understood the point I was making.

After 20 minutes of barraged attacks I came off a bit shaken.

But these shows are one of the frontlines of the battle to save us from climate destruction.

And they are shows where the paid propagandists of the media oligarchs get too much exposure.

The crazy thing was the next item was about water rationing due to climate exacerbated heatwaves in UK and Italy etc.

So any time I get the privilege of speaking on these, I will invest the emotion and time to do so.

love and courage

Donnachadh x


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