I just went to Aldi to pick up a few things. I’m waiting in line and I dropped a £20 note (yep that’s me trying to hold everything because I didn’t want a trolley). The lady in front of me picked it up. I thanked her and held my hand out, and she said, “The things found on earth are kept by the collector,” and walks away. I was like oh hell NAH!! I looked at the people behind me standing in line, they couldn’t believe it either…. this can’t be real life right now, right?!

So I took a deep breath and I turned back towards the lady/thief/or whatever you wanna call her and as I approached her I said, “Do I look like I’m in the mood?! Let’s not play games. Go ahead and give me back my money.”

She had the nerve to ignore me completely and TRIED to walk away from me… SOOOOO, of course, I left everything and followed her into the car park as I was calling the police (because of course somebody’s about to go to jail… not sure who at this point though, her or me). She was almost running at this point to get away from me, which was the first sign of real intelligence this lady had shown. When she got to her car she put her bags on the ground trying to quickly get her boot open.

I was boiling at this point! I decided that her “finders keepers” rule just presented the perfect opportunity for a great teachable moment… SO… I went into track star mode and ran full speed, and grabbed her grocery bags, and headed to my car yelling, “The things found on earth are kept by the collector!”

I hopped in my car ignoring her every attempt to get my attention. I was outta line I’ll admit, but she was too. I was HOT, but I had a sense of satisfaction at the same time.

Anyway, I get home and open the bags and what did I find?
3 pk of steak
1kg potatoes
1pk bacon
1 cream cheese
Everything to make a bomb salad.


A bottle of Wine

I can’t help but think to myself… WOW! Not bad for £20!

Hopefully she will think twice next time.

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