The eternally biased GB Spews has suspended its presenter, Laurence Fox for his refusal to apologise after making derogatory remarks about a female journalist, Ava Evans, during a live broadcast. These comments were made during an episode of “Dan Wootton Tonight” on Tuesday (26th September). Laurence Fox, who hosts his own show on GB News, has been taken off air pending the outcome of an investigation into the incident.

In a post on the social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter), GB News stated on Wednesday that they were suspending Laurence Fox and would issue a formal apology to Ms. Evans. The controversial comments made by Fox were widely criticised, including remarks about the gender pay gap and his opinion on feminism.

A video clip shared by Ms. Evans on X showed Fox stating, “show me a single, self-respecting man that would like to climb into bed with that woman… ever… ever,” and went on to make further derogatory comments. Ms. Evans expressed her discomfort and stated that the footage made her feel “physically sick.”

Despite the backlash, Laurence Fox stood by his comments in his own social media posts, defending his right to free speech and criticicing what he called the “woke world” and “cancel culture.” He refused to issue an apology to those offended by his remarks. A remark that suggests that GB News is now woke.

GB News issued a statement expressing their regret over Fox’s comments and emphasising that they do not reflect the channel’s values. Host Dan Wootton also apologised to Ms. Evans for not immediately addressing the offensive remarks during the broadcast.

Media regulator Ofcom confirmed that they had received complaints about Fox’s comments and would assess them against their broadcast rules. They pledged to publish the outcome of their assessment as soon as possible.

More detail:

It is worth noting that when Laurence Fox originally made the comments, Dan Wootton can be seen smiling. It now appears that GB Spews have instructed Wootton to apologise but the sincerity has to be seriously questioned.

SNP leader condemns Fox and Wootton as ‘vile’

Scottish National Party leader Stephen Flynn has urged Ofcom to “step up” as he slammed Wootton and Fox as “vile”.

Writing on X, Mr Flynn said: “The vile words of a vile man, laughed at by a vile host on a vile programme. Step up, Ofcom.”

Laurence Fox’s attitudes towards ‘free speech’ closely resembles the symptoms of canine dysentery

Laurence Fox obviously has a problem. His wife left him and he appears all bitter and twisted. He believes that freedom of speech means the freedom to be cruel. He has an apparent very low empathy level, which, if not defined as sociopathy, must be damn close.

Instead of dealing with the content of an issue, he uses ad hominem at will. This is a clear symptom of someone who is not very bright and is unable to debate with experts who challenge their views.

Any self-respecting media would not have touched him unless they had access to the following:

  • Electrolyte and fluid therapies for hemorrhagic gastroenteritis
  • Medications to soothe intestines
  • Anthelmintics for parasitic infections
  • Corticosteroid therapy for cases of hypovolemic shock

The above, I am told, is the best cure for Mr Fox’s ramblings.

As for sleeping with him, would you smear yourself in dog faeces?

Question answered.

Penny Lane

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