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I posted below yesterday in the Echo in response to Mr Nicholls attack on climate campaigners. The comment posting was then taken down by the Echo.
‘It really is impossible to understand what Faith Eckersall is saying in this rambling tirade. A woman with a machine gun shooting anyone and everyone who crosses her path. 

For coherence let alone any logical development of a theme, 0 out of 10. Scattergun journalism.

As noted in comment below, wholesale attack on environment campaigners, and not to be missed from Echo editors the inevitable insults directed at the leader of the Labour Party. 

And on the issues raised, however much we all do our pottings in the potting shed Ms Eckersall and so on this is not going to take on world global pollution and destruction of world climate.

Each making his own personal efforts is no grounds to attack all who get out in public to scream to the world, we need major global measures, led by world leaders. 

But not Ms Eckersall using your family efforts as justification to rubbish those who have taken to the streets, to get our government to take major actions, as in declaring Climate Emergency.

All you’re saying is “look at me look at me, look at what I’m doing” and using your lifestyle to condemn everyone and anyone else.

Shear egotistical pontification, shot through with sarcasm and hypocrisy. Is this really the best you can do Ms Eckersall? 

Everyone else is “self-indulgent” from the “leisured hoards” (insult after insult) but not Ms Eckersall banging out her weekend 1,000 words to suit her views and feelings. Never mind the shear hard work taking on and grasping the hard science, all the reasons why so many are taking to the streets. 

You could not more insult tens of thousands of decent hard working people in our towns Ms Eckersall with your “terminal self-righteous” insults – notably referring to environment as a “game” which clearly for you it is. You do your 1,000 words pontification and condemn anyone and everyone else making serious efforts to join in mass movements.

If you could raise your game and read the science you might then grasp that Extinction Rebellion is seeking to get the message across the planet is in meltdown. We are now, on the reading of world science, in the final decades. This is indisputable.

We all need to work together, not have a columnist slanging off everyone who is not doing exactly what Ms Eckersall is doing on her leisurely weekends. Yes to all making personal efforts but this no ground for slanging off those who go far further making huge efforts to move national and world opinion. 

But from you Ms Eckersall sweeping tabloid script shot through with sarcasm the worst you find in any right wing tabloid. 

Gerald Hetherington
Updated 10th June.’

Would you mind telling me why ? It’s okay for an Echo writer to slate campaigners putting in huge work and effort to bring the looming perils of climate change to public attention. but not okay for an Echo reader to level back hard criticism? And I see since yesterday the author of the item has changed from Mr Nicholls to Ms Eckersall. That is duly noted in posting reposted this morning.
And for the record I note now that none of my last three letters to the Echo were published : 8th May on supercouncil; 14th Oct last year on NHS; 14th Sept 2018 on the air show. None published so I’ve stopped sending letters in.
I’ll copy this to BCP Unity Alliance councillors and others. You may not realise but there is rising concern the number of letters that are sent into the Echo and not published. People in campaign groups, NHS, Climate, Environment, have noted this the past year. All the worse now when the Echo takes down a posting critical of an Echo columnist slanging off hard working climate campaigners giving up their time to try and make a difference.
I for one do not want to read right wing or any wing diatribes in the Echo. Would much prefer informed items that help us all understand our rapidly changing world. The Echo needs to be clear cut you are not serving any partisan group at the expense of others. I have Ms Eckersall booked100% diatribe right wing. If I wanted right wing I’d buy the Sun, Express, Mail, or Telegraph – not the Bournemouth Echo.
Gerald Hetherington
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