If someone took something off you and then offered to give SOME of it back…

If someone took something off you, then after watching you suffer for 10 years decided to give you some of it back but only if you support them on a new adventure, would you trust them to look after you in the future? Or would you be cautious about letting them into your life again? Would you still trust them to be there for you? Or would you think I can’t ever trust them to be on my side? Would you say how could you let me struggle and see me on the streets begging? How could you let me get ill with worry?

I had to queue for food at food banks because I couldn’t afford food. I had to raise money for my children’s school because they couldn’t afford books. I can’t even get the police to catch the criminals that stole from my house because their resources are so stretched.

If this sounds familiar then to vote for the Tory party is wrong. Austerity has ruined this country.

Alexander Clarke

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