The tragedy of a Tory victory is of course also reflective of, as one Professor stated, that too many in the nation are now so ‘stupid and selfish’ and cannot cope with complex explanations to complicated things.

Brexit will take many years and is by no means guaranteed to even happen as the obstacles are huge. However, the public are voting in the belief that a proven liar will represent their interests and keep them informed with facts. We already know this will not happen and yet millions believe it will. Adults who tell children how to think are themselves fools of the worst kind.

Whatever happens from the 13th December the decent and switched on must NOT despair. The stupid and selfish have always tried to inherit the Earth. We only have to look around at the mess and destruction to know that.

One day the decent and switched on will prevail. It is only a matter of time.

Meanwhile whoever voted for this: You are the epitome of stupid.

Union anger as ‘essential’ Chesterfield Royal Hospital service outsourced to US company

Douglas James

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