If You Are Approached By 3GS…

I have just been having a conversation with someone on a Facebook group page and it came to me that we should do the following if approached.

1. Say ‘excuse me’.

2. If you have a phone get it out an explain that every utterance will now be recorded.

3. If you don’t have a method to record explain that it’s nothing personal but that you don’t trust them and you will not be saying anything. If they threaten to call the real police then welcome that and explain to the officer’s who attend why you have chosen not to speak to them.

4. Don’t forget there are those who don’t have the same moral fibre as us. (After all they would not be doing that job if they did would they?).

5. Report any issues on social media with a hashtag #Intimidation or #3GS

Good luck.

Shelly Heart