Money is a human invention that enables some people to control the planet and take it in a direction THEY want and not the direction that is best for the rest. Both living and not yet living.

Some money is clean. That is it was made by honest toil. Some though is dirty. It was made illegally and needs somewhere to be cleaned before it continues on its merry way into super yachts and war munitions and shady deals.

But where does one go to clean this unlawful, morally bankrupt blood stained notes…? The Conservative government of the UK had a plan. Bring it here.

We’ll take a cut, hand out some titles for services rendered to a few bent politicians… and hey ho. It if wasn’t for Vladimir Putin they would have got away with it.

And remember all we have to do to become complicit in this illegal and immoral behaviour is vote Tory. It’s that simple. We get no rewards ourselves but we can rejoice in nihilists and criminals getting theirs. Happy days.

Douglas James


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