Ignorance of history for many is bliss until it isn’t

History teaches us two things.  Firstly that most of those who carry out atrocious crimes never receive the Justice they deserve. Secondly that most people not directly involved will turn a blind eye to any and all infamy rather than admit to history’s truth.

The very first victims of Adolf Hitler and the Nazi’s [beyond killing former allies of theirs] were not purely Jewish.

Instead the vast majority were ordinary Germans who just happened to be ‘Disabled’.  The Nazi’s called this particular part of their genocidal plan to purify the Germanic Race and rid themselves of ‘Undesirables’ – Aktion T4.

Now the term ‘Aktion T4’ was thus named for the street address of the Chancellery department on Tiergartenstraße 4 in Berlin, set up specifically to carry the ‘Involuntary Euthanasia Program’ of infirm people that the Nazi’s deemed unworthy of life.

I stress this point of the Chancellery address because it is important to understand that it is from such banal and innocuous beginnings, that a policy of utter evil can be created and then hidden away in plain sight behind the mealy-mouthed words of politicians who espouse the grand facade of ‘HELPING THE PEOPLE.’

Thus it was that after an all too brief Medical Examination, these poor unfortunate souls were granted a ‘Mercy Killing’ [Gnadentod] and done away with.

Some mercy uh?

All Fascists believe they have a right to make judgements about the lives of those weaker than themselves!

This is not a statement of opinion; it is a statement of fact.

It should also be noted here, that the Nazi Government was easily able to find ‘Doctors’ [and other so called professionals] keen to implement their genocide and, that between September 1939 and mid 1941 these people; all of whom looked exactly as you, murdered some 70,000+ disabled people for no crime whatsoever other than being ‘incurably disabled.’

This period of the Holocaust was particularly nasty considering their victims, a great many of them children.

The ‘Mercy Killings’ were implemented by a variety of means which ranged from hanging children, to gassing children with carbon monoxide, to my particular favourite method of evil despatch, injecting carbolic acid directly into children’s hearts.

I make no apology for emphasising the murder of children here because clearly the Nazi’s enjoyed killing them.  The more defenceless the victim is, the more the ‘enjoyment’ a sadist derives.  This axiom is true with all sadists, and ladies and gentlemen, the Nazi’s were sadists!

It stands therefore that disabled children were their ultimate victim of choice.

Now as bad as all this was, and it was truly horrific, the Fascists were only just getting started.
By the end of the 2nd World War in 1945 the Nazi’s had managed to massacre 6 million Jews; 1 million five hundred thousand of which were children.

But once again it is important to note that this terrible crime was not just carried out against our brothers and sisters of the Jewish community.  At least 100,000 Romani people died at the hands of the Nazi’s; and probably more!

Then there is the tragedy of the Prisoners of War.

Between 2 to 3 million Russian Prisoners of War were systematically murdered.  The number of Polish POW’s massacred stands somewhere between 1.8 million to1.9 million.  And all this because the Nazi ‘Master Race’ considered these people as Untermenschen. [Sub-Humans].

There were of course other ‘Undesirables’, such as Homosexuals, religious groups, and black people?  Their fate was sealed the moment the Fascist seized control of Germany and if you believe it ended there you are clearly living in a Fact Free Zone.

But let us get back to the disabled.

By the end of the Second World War, the number of disabled people murdered by the Nazi’s had risen to approximately 150,000.  By then however, so many people had been slaughtered by the Nazi’s that the fate of the disabled became almost a sideshow.

This can be forgiven I suppose, the numbers of the dead being too huge for normal sane humans to understand; the horror of Auschwitz, Sobibór, Mauthausen and all the rest, too incomprehensible for decent human beings.

Or so history would have you believe.

What the Nazi’s did to the European Jewish community; and all the rest of their victims, is of course horrific.  But I personally believe that our own reaction to this terrible infamy equally damnable.

MOST Nazi’s escaped Justice.


We now know that most Nazi’s were actively enabled by the Allies to escape justice.

Oh there were a few show trials to be sure; and to make us all feel good about ourselves they hanged a few Nazi’s [too few], but the bitter truth is that the vast majority of Nazi scum walked away from their crimes scot-free; re-entering civilian life almost exactly where they had left off; many taking up positions of influence and power within the now two separate Germany’s.

This notion that the Allies won the war and then punished the evil doers is a myth.  It is in its own way, a stupendous crime and, it is perhaps because of this horrific and collective denial of what truly went on after the war ended, and our culpability in enabling the VAST MAJORITY of Nazi’s to escape Justice, that has led to certain monstrous voices today to openly claim that the Holocaust never happened.

I also believe it is why today, around the world, [and yes, even here in the United Kingdom of Great Britain,] various governments feel it is only ‘right and proper’ to once again openly victimise their disabled citizens and lay claim that they are ‘HELPING THE PEOPLE’ as they drive disabled citizens to despair and early graves.

This is what ALL Fascists believe.  They deem others less worthy than they and imagine that their strength gives them the ‘right’ to make judgements about the lives of people less able than they.
So I ask you all here, “How long before those who rule us again grant us who are disabled a Gnadentod?  How long before Jews, Romani’s, Homosexuals, Muslims, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Black People, and Disabled Children are again rounded up and sent to ‘Work Camps’?”

If you live in Great Britain all you need do is stop and ask a disabled person; they will tell you very simply and honestly that it has already begun!

But of course – they have been telling you for close to ten years now – haven’t they?

As a none Jewish citizen of the world, too young to remember first hand the pictures coming out of Bergen-Belsen, I tip my head respectfully to every victim (no matter their race) who suffered at the hands of the Fascists, and to all those who disappeared from history up the chimney’s of the Nazi Death Camps I vow – “I will endeavour to remember them always and; that I will resist to my own end those who seek ever to take us back to the dark void.”

Alas though I must add a caveat to that vow – because of late I fear I may be alone in my personal resistance and know in my heart that such refusal to bow down in abject obedience to the scum who victimise disabled people is a pointless exercise because from what I see every day on social media and the Main Stream News Outlets; the ‘True Lesson of History’ is our wilful collective ignorance and; our combined willingness to turn and look the other way when those in power – whose bigotry we secretly share – do unimaginably wicked things to our fellow human beings.


Kanjin Tor