Inspiring video campaign featuring key Dorset business leaders unveiled…

Dorset Mind, in association with Why Digital and Bournemouth University, are to unveil a new video campaign targeting mental health in the workplace.

The video campaign, under the hashtag #Day2Day, will run as a follow up campaign to The Drum’s “Do it Day” on 1st March 2018. The campaign aims to inspire and destigmatise mental health in the workplace.

The campaign itself consists of a series of short videos from business leaders and influencers in Dorset. The videos will be a brief exploration into their personal experience of mental health both at home and within their respective fields of work.
With the speakers coming from a wide variety of industries and backgrounds, the videos will also encourage people to engage with the campaign by sharing their own stories and experiences through the Hashtag “#Day2Day”. The aim of these social stories will be to help remove any negative stigma surrounding mental health in industry. The videos themselves will be filmed and edited by Open Shutter Productions, a student-run media business from Bournemouth University.

Including local, national and internationally renowned brands, the businesses and people sharing their experiences for this campaign include: Stable – Pizza, Pie & Cider, Sophie Cook, Pause Cat Cafe, Bournemouth University, Dorset Healthcare, Dorset Police and many more.

The campaign is set to launch on the 1st March 2018, with videos being released every 2 days throughout the month, with a follow up surprise video to be released the following month. Anyone particularly interested in this campaign is urged to engage with the Dorset Mind Social media pages:

    •    Twitter:  @DorsetMind
    •    Facebook:

Dorset Mind – Chief Executive, Marianne Storey commented:
“We’re so excited to take part in this campaign alongside Why Digital, Bournemouth University and The Drum.  It’s essential that we destigmatise mental health in the workplace.  We believe that by sharing their experiences, business leaders can lead by example from the top down – the effect of this could completely change how mental health is viewed day to day.”

“Poor mental health costs every business considerably – 1 in 6 employees currently experience a mental health difficulty yet the majority will not state this as a reason for sickness or absenteeism.  In real terms, a little investment can help change the workplace environment into an open and supportive place for both employees AND employers.”

“We believe we can help provide a solution.  Dorset Mind are currently piloting ‘Dorset Mind Works,’ a mental health programme that normalizes conversation about mental health, delivers education and provides support options.  For more information, please see our website:”

Why Digital – Managing Director, Dan Willis commented:
“We want #Day2Day to create something that pulls people’s attention, and help employers understand the true impact that mental well-being can have to their organisation.”

“National Mind’s latest research shows that work is the biggest cause of stress in people’s lives, more so than debt or financial problems. Not only that, stress can stop people performing at their best (or even at all).”

“By shedding some light on the subject, and creating a conversation within the workplace, our aim for #Day2Day is to help employers and employees learn more about mental health is, find the support they need if they require it, and pass Dorset Mind’s service onto their friends and colleagues who may need it.”