To say that Kate Andrews lives in the shadows would be unfair. Possibly hanging upside down in a cupboard of an evening but not so much in the shadows. However, she does not appear to have a wiki profile so finding out much about her is a little challenging.

What we do know is that she is economics editor at the far right Spectator magazine and a machine head for other far right organisations internationally.

In order to get close and do the citizen media thang we only had to turn to twitter. There the work is done and sentence passed.

So what do we have:

Former employee/Current assistant director of Institute of Economic Affairs (told you info was a little challenging).

Wants NHS to be sold in to private sector

Corporate lobbyist

Former member of the Adam Smith Institute

So called libertarian.

Now before we go any further this libertarian stuff needs to be addressed. It is a badge worn by those who are either very stupid or who intend to deceive for their own self interests. Why?

Please take a pew and have a munch on this.

If things appear a little fuzzy over to the politicos on line:

What can we conclude:

Self serving bad egg? Seems fair.

Looking to get utterly loaded by creating a culture for NHS to be continually sold off? No arguments here.

A threat to the UK and the planet? Aren’t they always.

In the words of Electric Six

Douglas James

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  1. I’m sick of having to witness your mental illness on every political issue. The insanity that is displayed just because people have different ideas on how the NHS could work, or any other issue? Ugh.

    The toddler-level fear and the emotional extremity of you people and your inability to understand real motives and instead project nefarious ones is pure emotional and mental instability.

    Hatefilled narcissits.