Is Bournemouth open for Business?

Is Bournemouth open for business?

Bournemouth’s Universities and Language Schools could be hit hard by the Tory Pledge to make visa requirements for international students tougher.

It’s hardly an invitation to the brightest of students from around the world to come and experience education and life here, who, then, carry that positive experience back to their countries, to businesses, governments and universities around the world.

Does this policy really say ‘We are open for business?’ Or is it just pandering to the Ukip supporters who no longer have a candidate to vote for?

Last year, Molly Scott Cato, our Green MEP and a doctor of economics, warned that the Tory government’s immigration policy was portraying this country as hostile to international students; students that bring in-excess of £3 billion to the UK. Is anything being done to change the direction of this policy?

What is our former MP Conor Burns doing about it, apart from misusing Bournemouth University logos to suggest endorsement?

Local businesses, restaurants, families, teachers, schools are all suffering under this policy. The Tory Manifeto pledge will make things worse. We need to let our former Tory MPs know how we feel on June 8th.

One more Tory backbencher will make no difference. One more Green MP will.

Cllr Simon Bull, candidate for Bournemouth West