Is Simon Hoare just another lobbyist being rewarded for undermining democracy?

A lobbyist named ‘Hoare’ standing for MP. Surely not.

Following the shipping in of David Cameron’s lobbyist friend to run for MP in North Dorset we have been sent some interesting information about their past relationship and why it may do the reputation of North Dorset constituents no favours.

Following allegations that Theresa Villiers may have breached the Ministerial Code in her dealings with lobbyist Simon Hoare, Jonathan Ashworth, Labour’s Shadow Cabinet Office Minister, has written to the Prime Minister asking him to clarify his own relationship with Mr Hoare.

Please see letter below:

Dear Prime Minister, Recent allegations that a Cabinet Minister, Theresa Villiers, may have breached the Ministerial Code involve a lobbyist known personally to you, Mr Simon Hoare. 

Despite your having overseen an investigation in to these matters many questions remain, not least over your connections to Mr Hoare, the extent of his influence within your government and the validity of the investigation that has take place. 

Many will be uneasy that you were the adjudicator of an investigation involving a personal political associate. I believe this matter should now be referred to the Independent Advisor on Ministerial Interests to ensure there can be fair scrutiny of this matter, which goes to the heart of trust in your government. 

In the interest of transparency I hope you will urgently answer the questions below. 

Yours sincerely, 

Jonathan Ashworth

Shadow Cabinet Office Minister  

In view of fact Simon Hoare is a close friend and political colleague of yours why did you not refer Anne Main’s complaint about Teresa Villiers meeting with Mr Hoare to the independent adviser on the ministerial code to ensure independent scrutiny of the allegations? 

How many times have you met Simon Hoare without officials present since May 2010? 

When was the last time you were in attendance at an event where Simon Hoare was present? 

Have you ever discussed the Radlett freight development with Mr Hoare? 

Have you ever asked advisers or officials to provide you with a briefing on the Radlett freight development? 

Have you ever asked advisers or officials to facilitate meetings for Mr Hoare with advisers, officials or ministers on any issue? 

Has Mr Hoare ever attended a public or private event at No 10 or Chequers?

If so, when? Has any minister other than Teresa Villiers met with Simon Hoare since May 2010? 

Which Ministers or advisers have had contact with Simon Hoare with regard to Radlett rail freight?

Jonathan Ashworth