Whatever ones feelings about Brexit and the referendum result it is surely now up to us to begin to investigate what is going on and find out for ourselves. The time of shouting down one side because we have painted ourselves in to a corner must end. The time to discover reality and act accordingly must begin in earnest.

Tory Brexit is about the Tory millionaires and billionaires. Nothing more, nothing less.

Brexit could take many forms but millions in this country chose to believe a bunch of lying charlatans who used the tabloids and the crony media to persuade those looking for someone else to blame that the wicked with was residing solely in Brussels. In fact there are many wicked witches and many are a lot closer to home and sit across the Commons benches, the Lords benches and within the lobby groups who shape government policy. For those who thought it might be us, think again.

If you are a rabid Brexiteer and/or a racist you have probably switched off by now. If so you should not be allowed anywhere near a ballot box of any description because you are a danger to us all and yourselves.

Douglas James

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