It is time to expose the agents of hate in our midst

Since 2015 the establishment and their cronies have been shifting through the gears. Pumping out malodorous fiction to the masses via their corporate proselytism. Reality abandoned with fake narratives dressed up as information. Alongside this the biggest massacre of facts has occurred, since the last one, as we have had to endure lie after lie on both sides of the Brexit debate. People who know very little saying a lot.

Establishment, well paid, mostly independent school journalists and celebrities have made themselves look like utter twits by spouting off nonsense at a similar rate of that of a howitzer. Cynically attacking those who advocate them paying more taxes and helping out those in dire need.

None more has been their victim of course than a certain Mr Jeremy Corbyn.

The fear of him becoming Prime Minister appears to be up there with finding out that their accountant has done a runner with their loot at the same time as realising their agent also represents Jim Davidson. Odious has just become their avatar.

Here, it is Jonathan Freedland, a mouthpiece for Blairite luvvies who like to make noises to those below and give fellatio to those above.

We now also have Rachel Riley. Apparently she stands around on Countdown in her day job and then berates those who are anti racist and fighting oppression in her spare time. The corporate hand jobs in the media of course lap it.

From Piers Morgan to Maureen Lipman. From David Baddiel, who had no issues it seems appearing in a video depicting Germans as being ‘Kuntz’, to many other big houses in London… we get liberal platitudes but no intention to make a real difference.

So I say let’s give them what they are dishing out. Hound them with cynical smears and let’s see how they like it. And then run them out of town (to their Miami 3rd homes) and let’s rid ourselves of the establishment trolls and their insincere platitudes.

PS No one should hate but if it is an empathy free zombie like figure who blames everyone and everything else for their own bigotry and malevolence…. Well you know the rest.

Douglas James