Following Jeremy Corbyn’s suspension from the Labour Party on orders from the Israeli lobby, as an Independent MP, he will now contest the Islington North constituency free of the shackles of the right wing Zionist Labour Party. For the sake of decency, let us hope he wins with a huge majority.

The establishment and the Zionist lobby created an elephant in the room to undermine him because of his support for an independent Palestinian state. The same independence now supported by Ireland, Norway and Spain amongst many others.

This is Jeremy:

Political Career and Leadership

  1. Long-Standing MP: Jeremy Corbyn has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for Islington North since 1983, showcasing his dedication to his constituency and his ability to maintain electoral support over several decades.
  2. Labour Party Leader: Jeremy served as the Leader of the Labour Party from 2015 to 2020. His leadership marked a significant shift towards the left, bringing socialist ideas to the forefront of mainstream British politics.
  3. Mobilising Young Voters: Under Jeremy’s leadership, the Labour Party saw a surge in membership, particularly among younger voters. His ability to engage and inspire a new generation of political activists was a key feature of his tenure.

Policy Initiatives and Advocacy

  1. Anti-Austerity Stance: Jeremy is a vocal critic of austerity measures implemented by Conservative-led governments. He argued for increased public spending to protect social services and reduce inequality.
  2. Peace and Human Rights: Throughout his career, Jeremy has been an ardent advocate for peace and human rights. He has campaigned against various wars and military interventions, promoting diplomacy and conflict resolution.
  3. Environmentalism: Jeremy emphasised the importance of addressing climate change and environmental sustainability. His policy proposals included ambitious plans for green energy, public transport, and conservation.

Social Justice and Equality

  1. Socialist Principles: Jeremy’s commitment to socialist principles was evident in his policies aimed at reducing economic inequality. He proposed higher taxes on the wealthy, increased public ownership, and expanded social welfare programmes.
  2. Support for Workers: Jeremy has been a staunch supporter of trade unions and workers’ rights. He advocated for higher minimum wages, better working conditions, and stronger labour protections.

Notable Achievements and Legacy

  1. 2017 General Election: In the 2017 general election, Jeremy’s Labour Party defied expectations by significantly increasing its share of the vote and winning 30 additional seats. This result denied the Conservative Party a majority and was seen as a vindication of Corbyn’s approach.
  2. Grassroots Movement: Jeremy’s leadership inspired a grassroots movement within the Labour Party, known as Momentum. This movement played a crucial role in energising and mobilising supporters, ensuring that Jeremy’s vision continued to influence the party.
  3. International Solidarity: Jeremy has consistently shown solidarity with international causes, supporting movements for self-determination and justice around the world. His advocacy for Palestinian rights and his criticism of oppressive regimes have been particularly notable.

Personal Traits and Public Perception

  1. Authenticity and Integrity: Jeremy is often praised for his authenticity and integrity. Even critics acknowledge his consistency and commitment to his principles, which has earned him respect across the political spectrum.
  2. Empathy and Compassion: Known for his empathetic approach, Jeremy has been involved in numerous charitable activities and campaigns for the underprivileged. His compassion for those in need has been a defining aspect of his public persona.

Jeremy Corbyn’s tenure as Labour leader and his broader political career have left an indelible mark on British politics. His influence continues to be felt, particularly in the ongoing debates about social justice, economic policy, and the role of government in society.

Jeremy Corbyn represents bringing everyone together to work together and cooperate. Those who are anti Jeremy Corbyn want division and conflict.

Vote Corbyn!

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