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Jeremy Corbyn is a member of the Privy Council. If you believe the billionaire corporate media you are no friend of the UK


My opinion is no more or less valid than your opinion or anyone else’s. I personally base my support for Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party on research, facts and a belief in a truly unique politician who genuinely is the real deal. I believe most people who vote CONservative are good people who have been sold decades (depending on age) of outright lies by our media-which is (regardless of format or apparent need to be ‘balanced’) almost all CONservative-supporting. Most people are casually interested in politics-AT BEST. So, I do get it when you hear them say “I don’t like Jeremy Corbyn/Labour etc because of …INSERT OUTRIGHT LIE HERE), because they have had “Corbyn is Satan” rammed into every available orifice for 4.5 years. How could it NOT have an affect?!

Of course every one is entitled to vote how they like and for whatever reasons they like. That is a democracy and how things should be. My immense frustration & anger actually comes at those people who KNOW what their vote for the CONservatives means, and who KNOW about the following (and more facts), yet STILL vote Tory. In this election it is pretty unique in that we are talking about something way bigger than Johnson or Corbyn, CONservatives or Labour (or others)-WE ARE TALKING ABOUT THE SOUL & FABRIC OF OUR SOCIETY-THE NHS & THE GENUINE THREAT TO THE END OF THE NHS AS WE KNOW IT. ALSO, AUSTERITY, THE LITERAL SURVIVAL OF THE PLANET & BREXIT as main issues.

So, what do we FACTUALLY know? We FACTUALLY know the CONservatives are very open to continuing the selling off of our NHS to TRUMP & Corporate America. It doesn’t take several months, a 500 page document and six meetings (that we know of) to say “No”. We FACTUALLY know the Americans are demanding “Full market access”. We FACTUALLY know the Tories VOTED AGAINST STOPPING FURTHER PRIVATISATION OF THE NHS on October 23rd 2019 (the Lib Dems abstained?!) in Parliament. We FACTUALLY know the CONservatives (a mere 21 times I believe) voted AGAINST THE FORMATION OF THE NHS!!! under Labour in the 1940’s-The Liberals also voted against. We FACTUALLY know Jeremy Hunt was the longest serving Health Minister and co-wrote a book in 2006 on privatising the NHS. We FACTUALLY know both the Red Cross & UN have said these are IDEOLOGICAL, CONSCIOUS choices by the CONservatives re the NHS in crisis. We also know FACTUALLY Johnson lied to Parliament, the Queen, his party (been sacked twice for it), the public, the media, his staff, his colleagues, his Ministers, gave out a journalist’s address knowing he was going to be potentially beaten up, he is a serial adulterer and apparently doesn’t even know how many children he has?!

We FACTUALLY know Jeremy Corbyn was correct (check the voting record-it’s unmatched, and other sources) about Windrush (one of only 6 MPs to vote against it-2 of the other 5 were Diane Abbott & John McDonnell), Apartheid (was arrested for being anti-racist at the time the Tories were literally calling for Mandela’s head & considered Mandela a “terrorist”), Iraq X2, Afghanistan, Libya, not arming Saddam Hussein in the 1980’s when we did, Syria several times, the Guildford Four, Birmingham 6, NI peace talks (acknowledged from both sides), the financial crash down to the specifics of the issues in the American sub prime mortgage market, winner of 3 International Peace Prizes etc. A reminder-Jeremy Corbyn is NOT a pacifist. He is force as a LAST resort, not first.

We FACTUALLY know Jeremy Corbyn has been made Right Honourable by the Queen, meaning he is on the PRIVY COUNCIL-meaning he has access to top level intelligence and security detail, and has been vetted by MI5, MI6, GCHQ etc-so, FACTUALLY, he can hardly be pro IRA murders, a Czech spy, Russian stooge etc etc can he??!! We FACTUALLY know only TWO PEOPLE can be Prime Minister, only two parties can govern either via majority, coalition or specific agreements.

OK, so, good on you if you have read this far. It shows you care. But if you STILL vote CONservative KNOWING all these FACTS…then YOU ARE AS BAD AS JOHNSON. YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. YOU MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR VOTE BY OWNING THAT VOTE. YOU MOST DEFINITELY ARE NO FRIEND OF MINE, and, honestly-F**K OFF! Because now I have to get two Labour votes to cancel out your vote, in order to save the NHS because of your selfish endorsement of the end of our healthcare system (and much more) as we know it…told you I was struggling to be polite….

Adam Samuels

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