Jewish Chronicle editor reaches new extraordinary low

Even for the low standards of journalism of Jewish Chronicle editor, Stephen Pollard, his leader yesterday was extraordinary. In it he focused on the 6-monthly report on antisemitism in the UK by the Community Security Trust (CST) which recorded 892 incidents in the first 6 months of 2019 – of which nearly 10% were physical assaults.
Pollard’s deranged and deluded comments included:

“…the cause of this ongoing record increase in antisemitism is no mystery. It can be summed up in two words: Jeremy Corbyn… by any objective analysis of contemporary British antisemitism, Mr Corbyn must be seen as the instigator… These CST figures are Jeremy Corbyn’s legacy. They are the legacy of the most dangerous racist in British politics — a man whose toxic views and behaviour pose a far greater threat to ethnic minorities than the National Front or the BNP ever managed.”

How the **** would Stephen Pollard know anything about the threat posed to ethnic minorities by the NF and BNP? Over the years while Jeremy Corbyn has been at the heart of campaigns against the NF/BNP, Pollard was busy earning his crust as a leader writer for the migrant/refugee-baiting newspaper the Daily Express and sometimes for its partner in crime the Daily Mail, or busy defending the Tory Party’s decision to allow a very right wing Polish politician with a background in the Polish far right, to attend a Tory Conference event (something even the Board of Deputies protested about). In more recent years Pollard has been sucking up at every opportunity to the racist Theresa Hostile Environment May, and pouring praise on the very right wing Islamophobe, Douglas Murray.

When it comes to fighting racism and fascism, Pollard knows nothing and does nothing. He is a complete fraud.

Thankfully fewer and fewer people read his ignorant ramblings in the Jewish Chronicle, nearly a third of which of its plummeting circulation are now given away free, compared with around 9% a few years back.

David Rosenberg