‘Bern, Bernie, Bern’ is a slogan caught on in the 2020 election democratic nominee race to show support for Bernie Sanders’ people-powered campaign. ‘Burn, Bernie, Burn’ is probably a phrase the moderates will begin to use now as Joe Biden, former US Vice President, continues to win states in triumphant style, pushing Sanders further away from catching up. 

Yesterday saw Biden win four out of six states, and while writing, still has the potential to win Washington state. Biden currently has a lead of 160 delegates. A gap which has almost doubled. It’s not to fear though – states such as Florida have 248 delegates. Yet, momentum is key and Biden is predicted to win Florida on the 17th March too, so Sanders must act quick to change this.

American politics has not seen a nominee similar to Bernie Sanders in modern political history. A socialist leader a whisker away from competing in this years presidential election. Just like Britain in the 2019 election, the country were in tatters after suffering a right-wing government, arguably similar to Donald Trumps regime, and were crying out for socialist policies to resolve years of societal consequences. However, we picked to remain with a campaign that is ineffective in helping society – just like America are doing with Joe. 

Despite the alluring American charm; Joe Biden can’t offer much else to vulnerable and middle-class citizens. Bernie offers Medicare for all – Joe doesn’t. Bernie offers banning of fracking – Joe doesn’t. Bernie offers a wealth tax to help the vulnerable – Joe doesn’t. Bernie wants to legalise weed to free up time for police – Joe doesn’t. Bernie wants to end private insurance – Joe doesn’t. Bernie wants free higher education for all, paid by Wall street who caused the 2008 world financial crash – Joe doesn’t. Bernie offers a green new deal that will save the planet – Joe doesn’t. 

The Democrat party will lose with Biden. He offers nothing substantial. Just another Hilary Clinton possessing power and financial greed – something the country already has with Trump. America won’t get a chance like this again to have a good-hearted politician who wants to rejoice society and redistribute wealth. The UK recently had their opportunity with Jeremy Corbyn and we didn’t take it. We are now suffering the consequences. We are losing with Boris Johnson, you will lose with Joe Biden, get out and fight for Bernie Sanders before it’s too late. Bern, Bernie, Bern! 

Davey Gray

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