Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau defended his use of emergency powers to get protests across Canada under control after the opposition Conservatives accused him of using an “unprecedented sledgehammer.”

‘The financial-system measures are designed to cut off the flow of funds to demonstrators, including foreign donations. Banks may be inclined to overreact in enforcing the mandate in order to avoid running afoul of the government, according to Andreas Park, a professor of finance at the University of Toronto.

“They may very well catch a lot of normal people in the process, like international students and snowbirds. We’re going to see some disruption, probably,” Park said in an interview. “Essentially what we’re doing now is deputizing the private sector to do monitoring of citizens on behalf of the government and act on the basis of suspicions without due process.”’

In 2014 he saluted the Chinese regime and he is a leading voice against Putin.

Go figure.

Wherever we are we know that if someone says they are a moderate or a liberal and the establishment allow them to become a President or a Prime Minister we know that they are merely stooges for the plutocrats.


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