I’ve been exposing Starmer for years…. He took part in the attempted coup in 2016 against Jeremy Corbyn, he openly supported Owen Smith’s leadership challenge soon after, he sabotaged the 2019 GE and then hijacked the Labour party while hiding his donors (the same donors who funded Owen Smith to try to destroy Corbyn in 2016 as well as the Israel lobby and hedge fund managers and private equity firm execs with huge shares in private healthcare, energy, transport, housing etc. oh and his corrupt barrister mates). 

He broke every pledge he made to get elected as leader within a year. In 2021 he managed to change future leadership elections in the party to coincidently require more MP votes than the SCG (Socialist Campaign Group) had before Starmer started getting rid of them to get on the ballot. 

 The “electoral system” looks like it pressed ‘fill’ during the 2017 election so Corbyn got millions of votes but they were all in fewer constituencies (even though there were huge crowds gathering wherever Corbyn went, all across the country)… Where as with the bought Labour party under the Trilateral Commission puppet, Keir Starmer, they pressed autofill so they got just enough votes in hundreds of constituencies just to get them over the line. 

Plus, Scotland would have never voted for Labour, ever, they’re a raging unionist party and Scotland has been trying to get independence for decades. I’m surprised they’re not revolting right now. It’s the heist of the century, everyone should be seething. Our country is a joke, our electoral system is a joke. We’re ruled by criminals who work for even bigger criminals who want to siphon the wealth out of the country and into offshore bank accounts while we struggle to get by just for the privilege of making them more money. 

I remember when there were no millionaires, our high-streets were bustling with small, local family-run businesses, we made our own money and we all got along, no matter the race, sex, religion etc.. these politicians, the lobbyists and the mainstream media have torn this country apart and profited from it. Every ounce of struggle and suffering in this country is so that millionaires can become multi-millionaires and multi-millionaires can become billionaires, while bribing the government to let them. And we’re just expected to be exploited and extorted along the way. 

And Starmer and his goons aren’t going to change any of that. The radical change this country needs is mind-blowing, a complete re-distribution of wealth after going after tax havens, and all we’ve got is a bunch of lobbyist shills promising change and peddling lies. And that’s just going to result in more anger. It’s just whether that anger emboldens the left to strike, protest or even revolt, or worst-case scenario, gives rise to the far-right. 

 I just wish all of our people would listen and finally do something before we go tumbling off a cliff. The left are too busy fighting culture wars, the right are too busy hating asylum seekers, refugees and immigrants and the sick and disabled for the criminality of our politicians, and the centrists are just sitting on the fence doing nothing as per usual. 

 We should be demanding electoral reform, an end to media lies and brainwashing, and an end to lobbying. Not asking, not hoping, this is our fucking country and it’s about time we started acting like it. They are PUBLIC servants, not lobbyist servants, not Davos/DC/Tel-Aviv servants, they are supposed to serve us, govern us, in our best interests, instead of against them for bribes.

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