Labour accuses Lib Dems in Poole of using “smoke and mirrors” to mislead the public

Poole Labour has called on the local Lib Dems to apologise for their latest use of some misleading information about voting intentions on one of their campaign leaflets. The now infamous dodgy bar charts that the Lib Dems are well known for shows that Labour is in third place (based on local election results). However, when based on General Election results, Labour secured over 10,000 votes more than the Lib Dems, who were pushed into third place. Nevertheless, the leaflet inaccurately suggests that only the Lib Dems can beat the Conservatives in Poole.
Sue Aitkenhead, Labour’s PPC for Poole said: “If the Lib Dems want to use statistics in their leaflets that’s fine, but they really need to make sure they are not misleading the public. This is a General Election – so the real comparison on voting intentions can only really be based on the last time we had a General Election in 2017. I know why they have decided not to use those figures, because they came third, but the public has a right to know that some candidates can be trusted to tell the truth whilst others would rather use smoke and mirrors.”