Poole Labour have criticised local Liberal Democrats for advertising a part time constituency organiser job as a self employed role which would avoid employment rights and National Insurance contributions. The accusation of double standards comes as the Lib Dems begin their annual conference in Bournemouth, having previously stated they would help people working in the gig economy.

Emma Lang, spokesperson for Poole Labour said: “The rise in companies taking advantage of workers, particularly young people, with zero hour contracts and bogus self employment contracts means they are missing out on statutory rights such as holiday pay, sick pay and pensions.”

Labour points to research showing that bogus self employment costs individuals an average of £1200 per year in lost holiday pay, whilst the government loses over £300 per year due to the loss of employer National Insurance contributions.

Ms Lang added: “The Liberal Democrats are saying one thing, but doing another. It’s clearly a case of double standards, that ends up damaging our economy by increasing the level of employment insecurity.”

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