Labour calls for a Fresh Start for new council

Poole Labour has selected its first group of candidates to contest May’s important elections to the new super council on 2 May. Each of them have lived in the area for many years and between them have a wealth of skills and experience in different fields from housing and education, to planning and social care.

Neil Duncan-Jordan, Poole Labour’s secretary said: “The current Tory administration has been in power for too long, and has grown tired and complacent, while the opposition they currently face is weak and ineffectual. The closure of public toilets across the town, the ongoing fiasco of the Twin Sails Bridge, the farce over the refurbishment of the paddling pool in Hamworthy Park, the rise in vandalism and the transfer of Poole A&E and maternity services to Bournemouth have all taken place on this Conservative council’s watch. At the same time, council tax has gone up, but services have got worse or been cut altogether. No wonder the council’s approval rating among the public is so low. Labour will offer a fresh start.”

The party intends to launch its 100-point manifesto in March, but key campaigning areas will include:

  • Continuing to oppose the plans to move Poole A&E and maternity services to Bournemouth Hospital
  • Encouraging the building of more truly affordable homes to rent or buy for local people
  • Introducing new rights for tenants that will guarantee property standards, rents and longer tenancies
  • Offering weekly bin collections during the summer months
  • Reviewing the social care system and looking at a minimum amount of free home care to all in need
  • Improving pothole repairs and tackle congestion and traffic delays
  • Widening the provision of public toilets
  • Regenerating the high street for local residents and visitors, and offering rate relief to small businesses in the area
  • Providing the under 25s with a free bus pass and improve youth services
  • Supporting community policing and opposing any further cuts to the number of police stations, police officers and support staff