Not a gutless Starmerite it has to be said but a proper representative politician who tells it exactly how it is.

Douglas James


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  1. Sad thing about the UK Labour Party MPs, like Zarah, who are our [THE PEOPLE’S] ONLY opposition Party in the House, is that the handful of them remaining are being picked off one by one for lesser “crimes” than to expose The New-Labour TORY Party’s counterparts, The Conservative Party Tories, for their Failings and Corruption!
    Let’s just hope that the Public crush The New-Labour TORY Party at the next GE by at least 172! 2015 to 2020 proved we are powerless against the might of the ELITES owned and run INTERNAL New-Labour Party TORIES for as long as ONE of those PARASITES feed off THE PEOPLE’S Party, there will be NO POWER TO THE PEOPLE!