To prevent the Labour Party from ever fulfilling its raison d’être of being the party of the proletariat, the establishment had to act fast when Jeremy Corbyn became leader. Whether it was manufactured to enable the establishment to kill off the left wing of the party has been discussed for a while, but at this point, nobody is stepping forward to blow that whistle. It would seem like a very likely strategy. Push a left-wing politician to the surface and do everything to publicly drown him while justifying their behaviour. The establishment knows that relatively few seriously follow politics and even less bother to look outside of the legacy mainstream to find out what is really going on.

The idea that Jeremy Corbyn was and remains a patsy is very convincing, but until the exposure has been validated, there is little point in discussing it. What we can do, however, is discuss what we now know. Similar to the rise of Boris Johnson, Keir Starmer’s climb has been a while in the making. Not only that, but sinister organisations and funding, rumoured to be linked to the state department in the USA, have been used to help this manufactured rise. The aim is to construct a narrow neoliberal elite at the top end of politics and to ensure that voting in major elections is restricted to a tapered ideology and is controlled by a very small group of people. Anyone who is serious about politics cannot now fail to see that voting Conservative or Labour in the UK (or Republican or Democrat in the USA) is no longer a substantial choice. They differ, but very little, especially in economics. This is then managed by unelected organisations on behalf of those who advocate neoliberalism.

The fact that Jeremy Corbyn became so popular, especially among younger people who wanted to move away from the greed and profit-obsessed wasteland of neoliberalism, was an inconvenience. However, it was never going to be insurmountable, especially given that one of the demographics least likely to turn up at the ballot box is younger people. The electoral system (First Past the Post) is fought primarily at the margins, and thus, unless young people flooded to the ballot boxes in 2017 and 2019, the establishment was home and dry. All they had to do was wait for the inevitable defeat and then flood the media with tales of catastrophe. They and establishment politicians in the Labour Party duly obliged, knowing that more than enough would fall for it. Then their master plan was all but complete. The next step was to get rid of Corbyn (but not the assassinations) and replace him with their long-term candidate. Sir Keir Starmer.

Now, with this successful execution, neoliberalism is safe for the foreseeable future.

Up until now, many people may have viewed this as all very normal. As individuals, we get born, try to survive for as long as possible, and then shuffle off this mortal coil. Some believe that a supernatural figure that controls or observes the multiverses from afar will scoop up their souls, while others believe that they will return to nature from whence they came, and then others believe they are in some eternal loop of reincarnation. They recognise that generally, psychopaths and sociopaths rise to the top, and there is nothing they can do about it. The world will eventually get rid of the parasites that are humanity and regenerate before the sun expands and incinerates it forever.

This approach is understandable, but it renders our existence explicitly futile. We could adopt a more life-affirming transition. The problem is that this is very difficult when we allow the aforementioned psychopaths and sociopaths to dictate our very short-term presence. The solution therefore lies in preventing the aforementioned from getting anywhere near power and authority over us.

This takes us back to Mr. Starmer and all of those who are like him. For those who believe in the sovereignty of the nation-state, they would not touch him with a solar flare. His membership in this very sinister globalist organisation should prevent that.

Then, in this interview, respected investigative journalist Matt Taibbi exposes how organisations have been enabling Starmer and his establishment colleagues to shut down criticisms and create a very narrow mainstream narrative that suits the establishment’s neoliberal agenda. The Tories have generally played the game for centuries, but Labour has sometimes been a threat to their status quo. Matt explains how this threat has been largely silenced, slandered, and libelled.

It does not end here, though. Taibbi has also exposed how a lie about a senior Conservative politician was propagated. At this point, it is important to refer back to the theory that Corbyn was set up as a patsy to successfully orchestrate a plan. This time, though, it is not about getting rid of an opponent who reflects a different ideological position. No, it is about creating the illusion that the two establishment parties are noticeably different. We know that ideologically there is now little difference, but if the establishment desires at least an illusion of ‘democracy’ it must ensure that the Labour Party and the Conservatives are in conflict. That way, voters simply switch between parties, vote for much smaller and less influential parties, or do not vote at all. Either way, the status quo remains.

The following is an example of how they do this.

For over a decade, many of those who are interested in politics have known that Conservative MP Grant Shapps has existed under a number of aliases. An organisation that purports to support Labour unity then takes this and creates lies to further exacerbate mistrust by non-Conservatives. They constructed the idea that Grant Shapps himself was altering the Wikipedia pages of other politicians. For those on the Labour or non-Conservative side, this would be an easy swallow and further add to the perception of Shapps as a shady shapeshifter. However, again, thanks to Taibbi, it appears that it was entirely false.

The association with the organisation that Shapps was apparently behind was found to be made up, or at best, fishing. The affiliated organisation of the Labour Party was creating a mirage. A mirage this author fell for until relatively recently. Why wouldn’t I? We only know what we know. The problem is that what we think we know is often manufactured and factless.

This was only one side of the coin, however. While attempting to create an impression of differentiation between the two main establishment parties, the same groups were lying to dispatch enemies closer to home.

It was put about in the corporate legacy media that there was an incident in Liverpool in which Angela Eagle, a non-Corbyn-supporting MP, had her constituency window smashed. The implication was that it was Corbyn’s supporters, without a shred of evidence. The aim was to undermine Corbyn in the eyes of those who wanted to believe his supporters would behave in such a way and prevent Corbyn from winning the 2019 general election. The establishment had Starmer identified for the following election. Many of Starmer’s supporters were on board.

When the person who was responsible for spreading the fake news was challenged, he ironically claimed it was a conspiracy theory (the buzz phrase that had begun to become popular when silencing anything that the establishment wanted to ridicule). Truth and reality were becoming much harder to distinguish from misinformation and lies. Alongside the term’ conspiracy theory’, the term ‘fake news’ also became a key part of the lexicon. This again was designed to make ‘truth’ a difficult phenomenon to determine.

Most close observers of politics in the UK knew that the 2019 election was specifically going to be about Brexit. They also knew, given the data from the 2016 referendum, that many working-class Labour voters in the North had voted to leave the EU. If Corbyn won these people over (Corbyn wanted out of the EU), then Corbyn and his supporters could be in power for at least a decade and undermine the establishment status quo. It was too much of a risk. They could not let this happen. As leader of the Labour Party, Corbyn had to be persuaded to appeal to the Remain voters, especially in London, where Labour held a lot of seats. Starmer was at the heart of this. He persuaded Corbyn that if he won the election, then a second referendum would be a policy commitment. Against his better judgment, Corbyn agreed and signed his leadership away. Many knew that the working-class voters who had voted to leave would not take such a risk. They switched to Johnson and his lies and gave the Conservative Party a substantial majority. If Corbyn had held his ground, it is possible he could have won or at least cut the majority to a much lower level. Starmer and the establishment then swung into action. Corbyn resigned, and Starmer replaced him. It was very Machiavellian but worked a treat.

Instead of having a marked difference in economic and political policies, we now have a twin. Not quite identical but with virtually the same DNA. Labour can now replace the Tories in the forthcoming election and, like Tony Blair, will pose no threat to the establishment status quo. The UK will continue to cosy up with the USA and the major corporations. It will continue to toe the line with NATO and the United Nations and do what it is told by those who wield real international power. The supposed disharmony will be largely a smokescreen. The arms corporations will continue to terrorise small nations while pretending to be in relative conflict with larger nations. Nothing will change unless the establishment instructs it to.

The shady and sinister organisations behind Starmer are either clones or the same as those behind every other establishment party across the leading nations. As long as neoliberalism is allowed to flourish, the rest is just window dressing. Starmer and his ilk are welcomed. Corbyn and his followers were sidelined. This is the reality, and I feel no warmth in being one of the messengers.

How big business took over the Labour Party

Sadly, as many appear to have learned to accept across time, the only escape if we don’t rid ourselves of these types of people is to place our faith in the supernatural or for nature to reek its revenge. The loop is just more of the same. We either break the loop or suffer the inevitable.

Jason Cridland

A new book out in 2024 is about to blow the lid of off Starmer’s rise to leader

Using a cache of hitherto unseen documents and exclusive insider accounts, this sensational new book tells the story of how a shadowy group, Labour Together, came to the cusp of delivering Sir Keir Starmer to power in Britain. It reveals, for the first time, the way the project sabotaged Corbynism through covert plotting, propelled Starmer to Labour’s leadership and now, having crushed the left in the party, poses an imminent threat to British democracy as a whole.

The Fraud reveals the chilling nature of Labour Together. The project was the brainchild of ‘eight brave MPs’ and Starmer’s most senior advisor, Morgan McSweeney, who from 2017 worked together to ‘develop a strategy for defeating the Hard Left.’ They included people who are now among the most senior members of Keir Starmer’s Shadow Cabinet: Rachel Reeves, Wes Streeting, Shabana Mahmood and Steve Reed. Morgan McSweeney, the guiding light behind Labour Together, is today one of the most powerful people in the Party, a key figure in selecting future parliamentary candidates.

Holden describes how Labour Together pursued its objectives with a substantial pot of undeclared funding, which it used to secretly insert itself into the Labour Party’s ‘antisemitism crisis’ at a time when it was publicly maintaining a position of neutrality in the Party’s vicious factional infighting.

In these pages, we see how Labour Together selected Keir Starmer to be its frontman, helping him win Labour’s leadership with the most mendacious campaign in recent political history. The Party under Starmer has since embraced the ugliest forms of racism and Islamophobia, and shared information hacked from journalists critical of its allies. The Labour Together project has subsequently transformed the Party into an authoritarian machine entirely intolerant of dissent, rowing back on an ocean of previous commitments and propagating an agenda of reheated austerity.

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