Whatever happens in this election the outcome will ultimately be decided or heavily influenced by the corporate media and most effectively by the BBC news department. The upper echelons are fill to the ceilings with public school, establishment types whose families and peers are usually from Tory backgrounds. Systemically the media is against any challenge to its hegemony.

This is not just about a few million disgruntled people complaining in advance. This is factually proven via academic research and experience.

BBC Bias Academically Proven: https://dorseteye.com/bbc-bias-academically-proven/

How Has the BBC become So Biased? : https://dorseteye.com/how-has-the-bbc-become-so-biased/

and from

Investigative analysis: https://dorseteye.com/corbyn-is-right-to-reject-bbc/

And: https://dorseteye.com/john-pilger-hold-the-front-page-the-reporters-are-missing/

Expect the expected and then look for the causes.

Douglas James

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