One of the reasons the establishment did not want Jeremy Corbyn in No. 10 was because he would not only ask this question to every outgoing Tory but would enable many of them to have to stand in front of a judge on corruption charges. The best thing to do was to make up a pack of lies about antisemitism and keep repeating his name like he was howling in the woods, ready to pounce on any innocent person at any full moon moment. Of course, in reality, the opposite was true, and it was they who were doing the howling and pouncing.

This is an example of someone who was chosen by the Tory hierarchy because she is an ambitious right-winger trying to make her right-wing parents proud. She fits right in with the Tory machine. It has nothing to do with meritocracy, as the following clips reveal.

Where has all the money gone, Laura?

Why can you not do simple economics, Laura?

The fact that she studied Economics at Oxford is not to be admired, though.

And it wasn’t the first time, was it, Laura?

Why are you so arrogant, Laura?

All in all, the country is being run down by an incompetent morass who chooses corruption, greed and lies over serving the population holistically.

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