If he wasn’t a well known person from a wealthy family, he would be in front of a court and then hopefully locked up. The man is a bully and a disgrace.

Deemed to be too nasty for even GB News, this country does not need or want this sorry excuse and should send him packing.

‘Looney Lozzie complains that no one respects England on St George’s Day, then stamps all over a St. George’s flag’ (Martin Odoni)

During the event, at least six individuals were apprehended following disturbances at a St. George’s Day gathering in central London.

The Metropolitan Police previously released footage depicting a cohort of men – some adorned with St George’s flags – engaging in altercations with officers in Whitehall. A man was detained under suspicion of animal cruelty after “a police horse was subjected to aggression on Whitehall”, as stated by the Met. Another individual was detained on suspicion of public drunkenness and disorderly conduct. Outside a Whitehall pub, four additional arrests were made – one for suspected assault and three for suspected assault against an emergency services worker, confirmed the authorities.

The gathering attracted hundreds of attendees, and as well as Fox, there was former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson. The Metropolitan Police had cautioned that attendees were anticipated to include “far-right factions and groups affiliated with football clubs travelling from other parts of the UK.”.

Shortly after 2pm, the police announced on X: “The scheduled commencement time for the event is an hour away, yet officers are already managing disturbances. An area has been designated for this event in Richmond Terrace. However, this group proceeded past it and continued along Whitehall. When officers formed a blockade and instructed the group to turn back, they responded by aggressively pushing their way through. Mounted officers intervened with horses to reinstate the blockade.” The altercation was brought under control, and the Metropolitan Police confirmed that there have been “no further incidents since that altercation”.

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