The Zionist grip on the UK is enough to turn the public blue in the face. The corporate media are justifying and, in some cases, supporting mass murder and genocide. It’s 1930s Germany all over again, with the state and corporations working in tandem to spread propaganda.

Please do not think for a moment that LBC is working in isolation. The corporate media are spinning a yarn while tens of thousands are murdered.

Let us start with this:


Now read the narrative:


Now the consequences:

Who is Sangita Myska?

Sangita Myska is a notable figure in British journalism and broadcasting, celebrated for her insightful analysis, compassionate storytelling, and unwavering commitment to highlighting marginalised voices. Through her work across various media platforms, Myska has consistently demonstrated a dedication to shedding light on issues of social justice, cultural identity, and human connection.

Born to Indian parents, Myska’s multicultural heritage infuses her work with a distinctive perspective, enabling her to navigate complex narratives with sensitivity and understanding. Her ability to bridge cultural divides and foster meaningful dialogue has established her as a respected voice in the media landscape.

One of Myska’s significant contributions lies in her exploration of the immigrant experience and the intricacies of identity in contemporary Britain. Through her reporting, she explores the stories of individuals grappling with questions of belonging and cultural heritage, challenging stereotypes and promoting mutual understanding.

In addition to her journalistic pursuits, Myska is recognised for her advocacy on behalf of marginalised communities. She utilises her platform to amplify the voices of those often overlooked or marginalised, shining a light on issues such as racial inequality and LGBTQ+ rights.

Beyond traditional media, Myska is an active presence on social media platforms, where she engages directly with her audience and facilitates discussions on pressing social issues. Her digital presence serves as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue and community engagement, expanding the reach of her message.

In an era marked by division and polarization, Sangita Myska’s work serves as a beacon of hope, illustrating the power of storytelling to cultivate empathy, bridge divides, and inspire positive change. Through her unwavering dedication to amplifying diverse voices and confronting injustice, she exemplifies the transformative potential of journalism as a force for good in British society.

Surely, even those with extremely limited numeracy skills can follow from 1 to 2 to 3 and understand that something stinks. Everyone should be asking, ‘why was Sangita Myska removed from her role as a presenter at LBC and why are the corporate media so obsessed with hiding reality?’

And the ultimate question is, ‘who specifically are pulling the strings?’

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