With the government drowning in a swamp of their own faeces guess who the corporate media go after? The Russia Report is a document that should sink them without trace but the billionaire crooks and their propaganda machines will see that that they are not only saved but put up in a 5 star hotel on a tax avoiding island.

Utter scum.

This is why whenever we read or watch the corporate media we are complicit.

Don’t buy in to their total shit.

Douglas James

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  1. What are the sky reporters names? Sky keeps them anonymous which is not right. When there is a Jai accuse, there must be a Jai. This is rotten and faceless. No accountability or transparency. The antithesis of good journalism. Sky can rot in hell.

  2. Jeremy Corbyns opinion is as valid today as it has ever been. Corbyn should not be hounded by the press, they should be hounded by the likes of the readers of the good work of the Dorseteye.
    Can you not start a campaign of letter writing to make them justify their lies?