According to a law firm, a guy who oversees a food bank charity is suing the new vice-chair of the Conservatives for libel.

Lee Anderson, who originally asserted that people could subsist on 30p a day, is accused by Michael Hollis of defaming him in a Facebook post that he later refused to remove.

The MP for Ashfield, who last week was named deputy Tory chair by Rishi Sunak, allegedly informed his 35,000 followers that Hollis had transferred cash in brown envelopes in connection with a planning application, according to Hollis.

Hollis has given the law firm Bindmans the go-ahead to bring a libel case against Anderson.

The company claimed in a statement posted to its website on Monday: “On February 1, 2023, Mr. Anderson made false claims of bribery against a local guy named Michael Hollis who manages a food bank charity.

“Mr. Anderson stated that money had been exchanged in brown envelopes in connection with a planning application submitted by Mr. Hollis in a Facebook post that was seen by his 35,000 followers.

In response to Mr Anderson’s refusal to take down his post, “Mr. Hollis is horrified by this allegation and has taken the initial steps towards a libel claim against him.

A screenshot of a planning application submitted in Hollis’s name for a home in Silverhill Lane, Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottinghamshire, was included in Anderson’s social media post.

The activist Jack Monroe instructed solicitors to file a claim after the Tory MP claimed the author and food blogger was taking advantage of the underprivileged, so this is not the only libel case with which Anderson has been threatened.

The politician is renowned for expressing his political views honestly. The former Labour councillor stated his support for the reinstatement of the death sentence in an interview with the Spectator that was conducted prior to his appointment by the Conservative party but published subsequently.

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