Why would lefties make better lovers? We give and don’t always expect to receive. 

You can imagine a sexual interlude with Theresa May or Jacob Rees Mogg as being most unsatisfying as the bedroom antics will be all about them. Selfish in the extreme as they take all they can get as quickly as possible then get out of bed to watch GB News or read the Telegraph to see if they’ve been quoted in it today, possibly asking Nanny or the butler to show you out… 

It’s Not All About Sex…

Socialism is a posh word for loving your fellows. Ms May’s or Mr Rees Mogg’s secretary will handle their communications and send you cards, where a lefty might actually text/write the card themselves. 

But seriously, socialists actually love others, often whom they have never met. Moving away from the bedroom, they actually give a cuss for their fellows. Under Thatcherism there is no society – we’re all in it for ourselves in a dog eat dog world where you’d push your granny under a bus so you can get a house. Many have…

The Death of Society? Why Not Rebel?

There are some of us who identify as ‘revolutionary socialists’. We’re lovers who want to change the world. Free love! Our problem is that so many hate – just look at the immigrant barge on Portland with the hordes of haters dragging their knuckles outside. The barge is even hosted by xenophobic haters in the Brexit supporting Langham family who took a huge sum to dock the thing. 

You see, our leaders have for all but five years of my life preached we should hate someone, anyone – just not them. But what if the gravest form of rebellion was to love our fellows and only reserve hatred for haters? Our collective opponents are not a desperate man who’s walked from Afghanistan but the haters (Blair/Bush and their friends) who screwed up their country so badly that they had to escape.

If the simplest form of rebellion is just to love, then why don’t more do it? This baffles me to the core. Dull, stupid people for the most part who are easily led. A lot of reports out there show that your underage daughter is more likely to be loved by a far right activist than an immigrant, which is probably why so many paedophiles walk among the far right. 

So yes, lefties do make better lovers. We take care for our fellows and want the best outcome for the majority and not just a tiny majority. Why not then stop being a self absorbed hater and get out and give some love? You never know what might… come… from it!

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