This is a long winded contribution to this thread but you should expect nothing less from me lol. As this relatively old article highlights – – I think it is fair to say that we, human beings, do not really understand how viruses fit into our understanding of life forms. And throughout the entire history of this planet whenever something happens we cannot place into a pigeon-hole easily, it tends to leads to alternative theories, some evidence based via the scientific world and some not, like those who believe in the many conspiracy theories out of there. To me, a totally convinced atheist, this partially explains why religion has spread and controlled much of human history but that’s another story.

I do not really buy into the idea of Coronavirus being some underhand plot by forces unknown to destabilise the world. As far as I know, there have always been different types of viruses on this planet ever since life began, possibly even before the emergence of single cell entities like bacteria which if you believe in evolution like me, were the building blocks of all life on this planet. But again there is much we do not know and it is way beyond my intelligence to even attempt to explain all this.

I try to keep things simple in my head. If there is compelling scientific evidence out there supporting a subject matter, like let’s say, evolution, then I tend to go along with it whilst accepting all the facts may not be known but I can live with that. Personally, I look at viruses like Covid19, as just part of the evolutionary process and the very basic element of all “living” things to survive. The one thing we do know (I think ha-ha) is viruses are constantly mutating to achieve this basic element of survival. Whenever a “new” strain of a virus arrives on the scene, the scientists in most cases come up with a vaccine particularly when it endangers the western “civilised” world. And even when a cure-all vaccine cannot be found, we come up with alternatives to eradicate the life threatening element of a virus like with the drugs now used by those with AIDs and HIV.

I also try to think of analogies to help my head get around something. Let me put this to you, just imagine if an intelligent life form on this planet was able to communicate with each other at a similar level that we all do. I would imagine one in depth topic of conversation would be, why are those funny looking things which control most of the world trying to forever kill all other living things and the planet itself. Of course, all the destruction we have caused ,has in the main, simply be done through our ignorance of the effects of our actions and primarily been introduced to improve and prolong our lives – i.e. to survive. I do not believe the initial intention was to kill things and it is not part of a conspiracy theory of human beings trying to destroy themselves and all other life although it is now seen as totally reckless, short-sighted behaviour.

So back to the point of we look for alternatives answers when something happens which we do not fully understand. I do not believe Covid19 is some plot by forces unknown to cause chaos and confusion. It is just another virus which has evolved and mutated to exist and until a vaccine is found, it will cause chaos and confusion for the foreseeable future. Then another strain will evolve which we, the human race will need to contend with. There may well be an underlying reason why this continues to happens but I just put it down to a non sentient “life” form simply trying to survive.

When we come across things we do not fully understand, I would strongly recommend, before looking for non factual reasons like the many and varied conspiracy theories out there, which I consider to be the easy option, try to make facts and evidence your first point of call. I fully accept there are those among the human race whose intentions are to cause chaos, confusion, deprivation, inequality and wars and if you look deep enough there is evidence to back this up. But Covid19, I have to conclude is just another virus which has evolved and mutated.

Kevin Smith

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