Dear Jeremy Corbyn MP – leader of the Labour Party
As artists and writers, we would like to thank you for raising political awareness in our country to a level not seen since the end of World War II. Your humanity, courage and insight have mobilised a new generation of socialist activists.
Much of our work reflects the world we live in and, as leader of the Labour Party, you have inspired and energised us for the future.
The media has been atrocious in the recent election and, in the face of provocation, we congratulate you for keeping your dignity and clarity.
You will never be forgotten.
Ken Loach – film director
Brian Eno – musician/producer
Grime 4 Corbyn
Nigel Kennedy – musician
Ken Livingstone – writer and ex-Mayor of London
Alexei Sayle – writer and comedian
A L Kennedy – writer
Michael Rosen – writer/poet
Francesca Martinez – comedian
Peter Kennard – artist
Matthew Collings – painter and art critic
Victoria Brittain – writer
Louise Christian – writer/ human rights lawyer
Habib Ahmadi – writer
Jacky Alty – glass artist
Sue Angus – artist
Tessa Angus – photographer/musician
Anthony Anaxagorou – poet
Anne Aylor – writer
Frank Barat – writer
Gerry Barnett – musician
Greta Berlin – sculptor
Heather Bird – musician
Cecily Bomberg – writer
Richard Bradbury – writer
Jezz Brown – writer
Carol Browne – writer
Emma Catnip – musician
Klaudija Cermak – writer/artist
Julia Chantrell – artist
Penny Crichton-Seager – artist
Nigel Clark – musician/former ‘Dodgy’
Frank Darnley – sculptor
Neil Devlin – writer
Annie Duarte – theatre director
Valerie Driscoll – artist
Neil Faulkner – archaeologist/writer
Odette Farrell – artist
Andrew Feinstein – writer
Nicola Field – writer
Mary Finnigan – writer
Matt Foot – writer
Owen Gallagher – poet
Donald Gardner – poet
Lindsey German – writer
Ian Graham – writer/computer scientist
Lana Grant – writer
Adrian Green – poet
Kevin Higgins – writer
Amanda Hunter – silversmith
Tansy Hoskins – writer
Robert Ilson – poet
Stuart Inman – poet/photographer/writer
Katherine Jameson – painter
Thusitha Jayasundera – actor
Pallo Jordan – writer and Minister in Mandela’s SA government
Judith Kahn – writer/musician
Ronnie Kasrils – writer and Minister in Mandela’s SA government
Penny Kealey – artist
Alice Kilroy – banner maker
Natasha Koczy – musician
Richard Kuper – writer
Simon Leibowitz – photographer/educator
Maxine Linnell – writer
Tom Loffill – painter/musician
Vanessa Lucas-Smith- musician
Lee Mark-Jones – Theatre of the Wild
Anna Mazotta – artist
Kathleen McCreery – writer/playwright/director
Susan Medina – writer
Russell Mills – artist
Nak Modak – actor
Les Monaghan – photographer
Brendan Montague – Editor, The Ecologist
Merilyn Moos – writer
Deicola Neves – musician
Maggie Nicols – musician
Mia Nisbet – fashion designer
Rebecca O’Brien – film producer
Miriam O’Donovan – director Speakeasy Sessions, Skibbereen
Matt Panesh – writer
Hekate Papadaki – writer
Jamie Perera – composer/producer
Billy Radford – artist
John Rees – writer
Selese Roche – poet
Emma Rowell – independent bookshop
Dilshini Sandhu – musician
Sabby Sagall – writer
Tim Sanders – illustrator/cartoonist
David Seeger – ceramics artist
Nabil Shaban – actor
Sarah Shore – illustrator
Angela Tapping – poet
Theresa Tomlinsion – writer
Greg Tree – musician/artist
Andy Turner – musician
Michael Walling – Border Crossings, Artistic Director
Mat Watkinson – voice artist/former DJ
Roy Weard -writer/musician
Samantha Welstead-Wood – illustrator
Richard West – AKA Mr C
Merryn Williams – poet
Ian Wilson – sound designer
John Wilton – Prof. Intern. Relations
David Wilson – writer
Jan Woolf – writer
Haifa Zangana – Iraqi writer
And many people who are not artists or writers. Let engineer Phil Smith speak for them: “Although I’m not an artist or poet I would like to the thank Jeremy Corbyn and this post just about says it all.”
We are receiving many requests to add names to this list and will regularly update the letter.
NOTE: Please contact [email protected] if you wish to add your name.
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