Gay people have fought hard, and suffered greatly for our right to not be discriminated against in this our country, to fight the prejudice and hate that exists towards the LGBT community, in large part because of the history of organised religious intolerance.

Gay people do not choose their sexuality, nobody does and this in itself is a ridiculous assumption, if we could choose, why on Earth would you choose to be gay…to be marginalised, abused, hated? Nobody chooses their sexuality, and you are a liar if you claim otherwise.

Homophobic hate crime has risen by over 100 % post-Brexit Referendum. Yet this disgrace of a Government, indeed, the very government that introduced and passed the bill that legalised gay marriage, deems it fit to ally with a virulently homophobic party.

Why the deathly silence? Is it OK to allow homophobia? To recognise it by allying with a party that condones it? If the DUP was racist, or Islamophopic then you can be sure that there would be a lot more outrage, yet I barely see a whisper in the press or mainstream media.

I was born gay. Since my earliest memories I have been gay. I came out aged 16 after years of repression due to fear…hearing the words ‘queer, poof, bender’ at school aged 8 and realising that this related to me…then thinking that there must be something terribly ‘wrong’ with me, and being terribly introverted and afraid, unhappy throughout my school years. It affected my confidence, and it most definitely stunted my education.

That this Government deems it fit to ally with an openly homophobic party, sheerly for the pursuit of power speaks volumes about their enormous lack of integrity, and lack of respect for human rights…. power at any price.

I am afraid, because they will come for all of us eventually if we, as a nation, carry on ignoring it.

It’s hard to find the words to be honest, other than this Tory Government seems determined to overturn decades of hard fought legislation purely for their insane sense of hubris.

Well, I have words for them. After hubris, comes nemesis, and you can be sure that the Tories will meet theirs.

Eddy Abs

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