Lies or Sincerity From NHS Trust and MP? Time will tell

‘Further on this, both the Trust and our MP say there are no plans to sell Portland Hospital and we will still have the promised community hub (site not yet found). If this is true, then it is great news that Portland will keep its Hospital!

However, Last month as senior person in the Trust advised me that they had been told that Portland Hospital would be closed in 3 months. I could do nothing with this information as there was nothing in writing.

This Wednesday at a Trust Board meeting, the following two extracts were contained in the Board’s Agenda Papers:
DHC Trust Board Meeting Papers 26.9.18
Extract 1
Delivering the Clinical Services Review Integrated Community Services Decisions: the Trust Capital Investment Strategy 
Part 1 Board Meeting 26 September 2018 4. The funding position 
4.1 The surplus cash we have presently available is say £10.0m1. On top of this, we might save an additional £5.0m surplus for investment each year, provided that we can continue to deliver an overall Trust surplus of c£2.0m. If we dispose of St Leonard’s, King’s Park Hospital, and Portland Hospital, this could raise an additional £7.0m. Together, this would provide £32.0m capital for investment over the three years ending March 2022, against a remaining priority requirement within Mental Health of £42.4m2.
Extract 2
Appendix 2 – Priority Community Investments
Re-location of services to the Health Centre and Gatehouse surgery. Pending further local consultation – Priority High.

I have also been told that there was no discussion about a new Portland Hub at this Trust Meeting.’

Giovanna Lewis