Do you ever get the feeling that, as a political activist, you’ve been had?

It doesn’t matter which movement you joined on the left, there was always a reason why you couldn’t make a choice about how you contributed. You never had a say on where the funds were spent. It always seemed to be the mates and allies of those sitting on the top table who got to choose how things were done. They always seem to get their way about who stands for election.

It always seems to be about ‘who is in’, and ‘who is out’.

Hopefully I’m not alone when I say… “Enough of that.”

The ISG is a horizontal communal Socialist movement. This means that the success of it, starts and ends with your commitment to the cause. Every single activist who is a member of the ISG can choose what they do, what they get involved in, and what they put their resources to.

The ISG has no ‘top table’ of familiar faces telling you what to do, or say, or think. There are no ‘electoral ambitions’ for ISG top-table members, because there is no top table. It’s not a party. It’s not factional vehicle. It cant be bought, it cant be reasoned with, and it absolutely will not stop. (I love that film…)

The big news here is that the ISG is now launching it’s new “LOCAL CORE STRATEGY”. This is about rebuilding a new core of Socialist values, principles and activists outside of any one party, or corrupted organisation. The plan is to entrench these values and the activists that implement them at a LOCAL level, via local groups that operate to a pre-defined template. These local groups are known as “COMMUNITY SUPPORT NETWORKS” or CSN’s.

As Socialists, we’re not in this for personal benefit – those are who honest in their Socialism anyway. We’re in it to help people.

The idea of a CSN, is to provide advice, support, service signposting, and most importantly of all SOLIDARITY to the British public. For too long, Socialists have been branded as self-serving political shills, interested in getting elected and little else. We know that our enemies in the media, the political establishment, and big money are responsible for much of this image. But there is also a grain of truth. That truth has cost Socialism dearly.

By implementing CSN’s at a local level, and SERVING the public, it is entirely possible for us to recover a positive image of Socialism with the British public.

This is why the ISG needs YOU. Your activism, your time, your expertise, your compassion. We need you to become the FACILITATORS of the future – those who usher in a new society by delivering it in person. If you join the ISG, you can begin the work of building a CSN where YOU live. To deliver Socialism in YOUR area, without asking permission from, or being *allowed* to, by ANYONE.

Join up today, and be the Socialist you want to be.

Ben Timberley


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