The London mayoral election of 2024 has emerged as a crucial event in the political landscape of the United Kingdom. With London being one of the world’s leading financial, cultural, and political hubs, the outcome of this election holds significance not only for the city but also for the broader national discourse. In this article, we delve into the background of the election, the key candidates, their campaigns, and the latest opinion polls shaping the race.


The office of the Mayor of London was established in 2000, following the enactment of the Greater London Authority Act 1999. The mayor is responsible for governing Greater London, which comprises 32 boroughs and the City of London. The mayoral election occurs every four years, with candidates vying for control over various aspects of London’s administration, including transport, policing, housing, and economic development.

Campaign Dynamics:

The 2024 London mayoral election has witnessed a diverse array of candidates representing various political ideologies and backgrounds. The campaign themes have centered around issues such as housing affordability, transportation infrastructure, environmental sustainability, and social inequality. With London facing challenges ranging from the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic to concerns over crime rates and air pollution, the candidates have put forth ambitious proposals to address these pressing issues.

Key Candidates and Parties:

The mayoral election will be held on May 2 2024 and it will be the seventh time Londoners have gone to the polls to elect a mayor.
Only three people have served as mayor of London since the role was created at the turn of the millennium: Ken Livingstone (2000–2008), Boris Johnson (2008–2016) and Sadiq Khan (2016–present)

Here are the candidates named so far by the parties:

Conservative Party

Susan Hall was selected as the Conservative Party’s mayoral candidate in July, defeating King’s Counsel barrister Mozammel Hossain. The former City Hall Conservative leader and ex-leader of Harrow Council secured victory with 57% of the votes, defeating Mr. Hossain who garnered 43%. Ms. Hall has articulated her determination to address the challenges faced under the tenure of current mayor Sadiq Khan, emphasising key commitments such as halting the expansion of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) and enhancing policing measures. She has voiced opposition to housing construction on the green belt and aims to increase the availability of low-rise family properties, contrasting with the prevalent trend of one- or two-bedroom homes in high-rise developments. Upon her selection as the party’s candidate, Ms. Hall pledged to employ every effort to secure victory, drawing applause when she vowed to halt the ULEZ expansion from “day one” should she assume the mayoral office.

Green Party

In February, the Green Party announced Zoe Garbett as its candidate for the 2024 mayoral election.

Ms. Garbett, aged 35, serves in a non-clinical capacity within the NHS and holds a councillor position for the Dalston ward in Hackney.
In 2022, she contested the mayoral race in Hackney, securing second place.

Ms. Garbett is committed to transforming London into a more environmentally sustainable and equitable city. Her proposals include initiatives such as providing free bus travel for young individuals and implementing cleaner alternatives for utilizing the Silvertown Tunnel.

Labour Party

After being reselected as Labour’s candidate last December, Sadiq Khan highlighted his record on air pollution and the climate crisis, housebuilding, transport affordability, and the opening of the Elizabeth Line.

Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats named Rob Blackie as their candidate to take on Sadiq Khan at next year’s mayoral election in early August.

Reform UK Party

The candidate for Reform UK – formerly the Brexit Party is Howard Cox.


Natalie Campbell, a CEO and university chancellor, was longlisted as a Conservative candidate for next year’s mayoral election.

Opinion Polls:

Opinion polls play a crucial role in gauging public sentiment and predicting the potential outcome of elections. As the London mayoral race progresses, several polling agencies have conducted surveys to assess voter preferences and trends. The latest opinion polls provide valuable insights into the dynamics shaping the electoral landscape:

Outcome and Implications:

The outcomes of the 2024 London mayoral elections hold significant implications for the future direction of the city. Here are some potential outcomes and their implications:

1. **Re-election of Sadiq Khan (Labour Party)**:
– If Sadiq Khan secures re-election, it would signal a vote of confidence from Londoners in his leadership and policies.
– The continuity of Khan’s administration would likely see a continuation of his priorities, such as affordable housing, public transportation improvements, and initiatives to address air pollution.
– Khan’s victory could also be interpreted as a rejection of the opposition parties’ platforms and a validation of Labour’s approach to governance.

2. **Victory of a Conservative Candidate**:
– A Conservative victory would represent a significant shift in London’s political landscape, with potential implications for policy direction.
– Policies such as fiscal conservatism, deregulation, and law and order measures might take precedence under a Conservative mayor.
– The election of a Conservative mayor could lead to changes in priorities and approaches to issues such as housing, transportation, and environmental policy.

3. **Success of a Green Party or Liberal Democrats Candidate**:
– The election of a Green Party or Liberal Democrats candidate would signal a desire for change and a shift towards more progressive and environmentally conscious policies.
– Initiatives aimed at tackling climate change, promoting sustainability, and addressing social inequality could become central to the city’s agenda.
– A victory for either of these parties could also lead to coalition-building and collaboration with other political stakeholders to implement their policy objectives.

The London mayoral election of 2024 presents voters with a diverse range of candidates and policy platforms to consider. Against the backdrop of significant challenges facing the city, including the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic, social inequality, and environmental degradation, the outcome of this election will have far-reaching implications for London’s future. As the campaign unfolds and opinion polls continue to shape the narrative, the ultimate decision rests in the hands of the electorate, who will determine the next leader tasked with guiding the capital through the complexities of the 21st century.

In conclusion, the outcomes of the 2024 London mayoral elections will have far-reaching implications for the city’s future trajectory, political landscape, and policy direction. The results will reflect the priorities and preferences of Londoners and set the stage for governance and decision-making in the years to come.


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