Lord Nelson: To the person who made a noise complaint…

I’m going to do this publicly and I really hope the person involved either sees my post or someone tells them ….

It takes a really small, shameful person to hide in their flat and use their phone to make a noise complaint about a charity day on the Quay.

Teddy Rocks for Forest Holme is in its 4th year, and raises money for two fantastic LOCAL charities. Teddy Rocks fighting children’s cancer and Forest Holme providing care for the terminally ill.

Only a despicable person could make a complaint about people raising money for charity in the middle of the afternoon.

I sincerely hope that at no time you or your loved ones ever need their help

…. and to all of you who know me, you can read between the lines and know what I actually want t say.

Roll on Teddy Rocks for Forest Holme 2019
By god it’s going to be loud xx