We delivered our 20 hearts to BCP council today to call for an all at once rollout of a 20-mph speed limit.

We’re in an environmental emergency and 20mph can be rolled out instantly and affordably to make it safe for people to walk and cycle. Where people live, work and play, 20 is plenty!

On Old Christchurch Road, Protesters closed off a section of the street and made it for people first, a vision of what could be. Children drew in chalk on the road, we played games and danced.

Founder of Cycling Rebellion, Adam Osman said:

“A crash is 4 times more likely to be fatal at 30 than 20, and it goes a long way to prevent accidents and make it safe for children to cross the street and cycle. Cllr. Dove and Broadhead would try to cast doubt, while the 20 councillors are only proposing a piece-by-piece rollout. Everyone who is reasonable knows the science is solid, default 20-mph limits make our towns nicer places to be!”

At the civic centre dozens of 20 hearts were laid out calling for action from the council

Members of the public were asked to say why they support a 20-mph speed limit.

Jack from Bournemouth said, “I think 20 is plenty in BCP because it will make it safer for cycling.”

Liz from Winton: “I think 20 is plenty in most of the streets in Because we don’t need to be in a rush. We’re in a climate emergency, so we need to be looking at different ways of transport. At the moment, I don’t feel safe cycling in Bournemouth.”

Becky from Poole: “I think 20 is plenty in BCP because it’s safer for kids.”

Aaron from Poole: “20 is plenty in BCP because it encourages active travel, keeping people fit, healthy and outdoors.”

Phillipa from Poole: “I think 20 is plenty in BCP for cyclists, for the elderly, and for young children getting to school. It gives everybody more time to cross the road and traffic to react.”

Cycling Rebellion’s message to the council reads:

“BCP council, take decisive action to secure our children’s future, a slow rollout will not secure that. It only serves to confuse and delay progress. We need you to be brave and bold to secure a livable future in light of climate change. Open your hearts, Love 20.”

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