Make Will Making A Priority For 2018

Casting aside traditional New Year’s resolutions, Christchurch Solicitor David Orr is advising people to make writing their Will a top priority for 2018.

Currently, 51% of adults in the UK have not prepared a will. To ensure that people’s last wishes are respected, David Orr the Head of Wills and Probate at Williams Thompson Solicitors LLP in Christchurch is encouraging people in Dorset to set out their last will and testament as part of their New Year’s resolutions.

Arguably the most important document you will ever sign, a Will is a legal document specifying where and to whom your property and possessions will be distributed to in the event of death. Without a Will, people run the risk of dying intestate. Intestate estates can raise a number of issues for surviving family members, including unmarried couples and children from previous marriages. At present, 41% of people die without a Will in place.

David Orr, said:

“When someone dies without a will, certain rules kick in and it falls to the state to determine how a person’s worldly assets are distributed. This means that, without a Will, decisions made may not reflect your wishes.’’

According to David Orr, there are several common reasons preventing people from making a Will. These include time constraints for full-time workers and those who work away from the local area. Age and infirmity can also play a role. To give people greater access to Will writing services, Williams Thompson offer home visits where applicable to those unable to travel.

David Orr, continues:

“While dieting, going alcohol-free, or getting fit are good choices for your New Year’s resolution, I recommend adding your Will to your list of 2018 priorities. The majority of Wills are straightforward and can be prepared quite easily by your Solicitor.’’

If you live in the Christchurch area:

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