Marketing West releases advertising trends for Dorset

Marketing West, the Dorset based marketing agency, is a panel member of the prestigious Bellweather survey. The nationwide survey monitors media and marketing trends across the UK and has just released figures for quarter one of 2019. These figures show that after a quiet last quarter of 2018, 2019 is showing a 3.4% year on year increase in budgets. The most significant growth is coming from Internet advertising, followed by traditional media like newspapers and radio advertising. In third place are promotional events and client seminars. For every gain, there are losers with market research showing a 4.2% decrease and sales promotions showing a 3.7% drop.

Said Nigel Reeve of Marketing West; “It’s encouraging to see the market showing signs of an upturn in marketing spends. The previous quarter was flat, mainly due to the Brexit uncertainly, but the national figures reflect what is happening locally. We are finding that businesses are taking a longer-term view based on investing in future growth because sooner or later Brexit has to be sorted. Local businesses seem to be taking the view that to remain competitive you have to invest in increasing your market share. The market may shrink or may grow, and that is out of your control, but you can still focus on growing your share of that market. The figures we supplied for this area are in line with the national trends.”