Mass Sleep Out

Bournemouth/Poole coming together in solidarity with national protests to combat and resist Bedroom Tax and to highlight the homelessness that is being caused locally and nationally.

A chance to get together and unite and discuss ways to protect the vulnerable people being victimised, the people who are being forced to pay extra rent that can barely be afforded under threat of eviction if falling into arrears, yet there’s no suitable accommodation for people to move into and are left trapped in a cycle of… further debt, sanctions or homelessness. Many of the people affected are vulnerable and disabled and are being forced to leave specially adapted homes.

We in Bournemouth & Poole are hosting a weekend of action and social events. The Mass Sleep out on the 24th Aug and The Bournemouth Beach Party on the 25th. Make a weekend of it.

Here’s the Bournemouth Beach Party event:

The National MASS SLEEPOUT page:

The location of the Sleep Out for this area is yet to be confirmed.

Bring your PJ’s, Sleep bags, Tents, ideas, placards, and survival kits. Bring your friends.
End the cruelty and victimisation of Bedroom Tax.