Mayor to launch appeal to help refugees

An appeal to help refugees will be launched by the Mayor of Weymouth & Portland, Christine James.

Councillor James will be launching the two-week ‘Mayor’s Collection for Young People in Crisis Appeal’ on 21 September. She will be asking residents to donate goods to help improve the lives of refugees arriving in Britain. These items will be given to Kent County Council which is supporting refugees as they arrive in that county.

The appeal will run from 21 September to 5 October and will see the borough council collecting items for children and young people.

Councillor James said: “People across Weymouth and Portland have been asking how they can help which is testament to the great generosity of our borough. I have been looking for practical ways we can help and am delighted to announce that we will be able to collect goods to improve the lives of young refugees arriving in our country.

“Please note we cannot collect food or money and clothes are not being asked for. Anyone wishing to make a financial donation can do so through the British Red Cross at

“Items needed include easy-to-read books for children aged five to 17, colouring books, crayons and pencils for younger children, sporting equipment like football kits, DVDs for under15s and board games.”

Items can be taken to the borough council’s North Quay offices in Weymouth during opening hours.  More information about the appeal is available at

Council moves to register offers of housing help for refugees

Offers of housing help for refugees are being registered by Weymouth & Portland Borough Council.

The borough council is thanking residents for offers of help, while also making it clear that it may not be required. At this point the Government has said it is not anticipating that it will need to accommodate refugees in people’s homes.   

Councillor Kevin Brookes, borough council Housing Briefholder, said: “People who want to offer accommodation to refugees can now register their details at These kind offers may not be needed, we will update people as the situation develops.” 

Councillor Ian Bruce, Chairman of the borough council Management Committee said: “While we do not yet know if we will be called upon to resettle refugees, we are keen not to lose out on offers of help. The resettlement will not be an instant process and local councils will be helping long after the crisis is no longer being reported in the press. Anyone who wants to help by making a donation should go