Meathook Realities and Self-Medication

Paedophiles and their whips running the country and no doubt giving the Crown Jewels a good polish, routine abuse of expenses and office, future riches arranged while in public office, flawed intelligence unearthed to justify illegal wars and invasions in order to profit from those long standing arrangements, scientists dropping dead under apple trees and politicians falling off cliffs, cuts, austerity and the targeting of the poorest members of an ‘all together’ and undeniably affluent society which affords relief for the wealthiest with not an honest philanthropist in sight. Hillsborough, Ormsgreave, The Lawrences, the day to day drudgery of 9 – 5 lies and deceit, false flags and cover ups and worse. And you can now add the family of Jean Charles De Menezes to that list.

And you can keep taking those pills and telling yourself it’ll all be okay and that the establishment are looking out for us. 
Whoo-hoo! Brrrr de-ping quack quack.

Ploff Meister